May 9, 2021


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Most Expensive Lungi Ngidi Mascot for 0/62 in IPL 2021

IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: Chennai Super Kings Lungi Nijidi is the most expensive mascot of IPL 2021 as Mumbai Indians chase the record 218 times

IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: It was not a bowling day and when the T20 match was held at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi with the help of the court, it was always difficult for the bowlers. However, Lungi Ngide of Chennai Super Kings was particularly disappointed as a footballer in his class gave 62 assists in 4 amounts. 0/62 was in 4 times more than the worst of a player in the IPL 2021 as Kieron Pollard smashed him around the field to score the best MI chase in IPL history.

IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: Lungi Ngidi Dishes Most Expensive in IPL 2021

After scoring a total of 218 kicks, thanks to the rapid, half-century shooting from Fave de Plessis, Moein Ali and Ambati Rayudo, the Chennai Super Kings were counting on the bowlers, especially their star Lungi Ngide, to defend the total. But it disappointed big time.

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More than 1 (6 more): Rohit Sharma takes his place, crushing Njeidi for 14 times after Deepak Chahar brought CSK back into the match with just 4 games.

More than 2 (over 14): After Ravindra Jadeja went to 20, he was supposed to bring Lungi Ngidi CSK back into the game. But Kiron Pollard hits him for sixty while he admits 16 times.

More than 3 (more than 16): Once again, it was brought back to check MI’s score after Shardul Thakur had gone 23 previously. But, as CSK neared critical death excesses, Krunal Pandya beat him for 16 times.

Over 4 (over 20 years old): With MI needing 16 times from the last time, MS Dhoni gave the ball to Ngidi to get the job done. But his full passes gave Kieron Pollard the opportunity to get 16 runs

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IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: Lungi Ngidi’s Bad Level Cost Chennai Super Kings

However, this was not a one-off event. Lungi Ngidi was not at his best as he reached IPL 2021. Before joining the CSK team, he was particularly costly to South Africa against Pakistan at home. In the two ODIs he played, Lungi Ngidi conceded 65 and 66 times, respectively, in the first two ODIs.

In IPL 2021, it didn’t deliver the way CSK wanted. Aside from the match against Kolkata Knight Riders, where he earned three wickets for 28 times, he didn’t have much success.

Against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Lungi Ngidi conceded 35 runs for 2 wickets. But on friendly ground, where Lungi Ngide’s skills were what the Chennai Super Kings needed, the South African footballer gifted 62 shots without a goalkeeper on Saturday to dedicate the match.

Lungi Ngide in IPL 2021:

Vs KKR: 3/28
Vs SRH: 2/35
Against MI: 0/62

IPL 2021, MI vs CSK: Lungi Ngidi stunned, conceded most of the rounds in IPL 2021 as India chases Mumbai record 218 times against CSK

After the match, Chennai Super Kings MS Donnie also mocked the poor execution and said shooters would learn from this.

“It was a great little girl. The difference was the execution. It wasn’t too harsh for the bowlers, we dropped the balls at critical intervals. Players would do better and learn from this. If you look at how things went, we were far from the target when we were off target.” It’s about execution. It’s important you do. The wicket was easy to hit, “ MS Dhoni told Star Sports announcer after the match.

Most Expensive IPL 2021 Bouts:

Interestingly, MI’s match against CSK on Saturday saw its worst 4 spells in IPL 2021. Aside from Ngidi, two other CSK players – Shardul Thakur and Sam Curran – scored the worst spells in spells while Jasprit Bumrah from Mumbai Indians went to 1 / 56 in 4 sums which is the worst of his T20 career.

POS Player Offset Runs Wkts SR against Place The date of the match
1 Longy Ngeide 4 62 0 I Aaron Gaitley Stadium 01 May 21
2 Pat Cummins 4 58 0 CSK Wankhede Stadium 21-Apr-21
3 Sam Curran 4 58 1 24 KKR Wankhede Stadium 21-Apr-21
4 Chardoll Thakur 4 56 1 24 I Aaron Gaitley Stadium 01 May 21
5 Gaspreet Bomra 4 56 1 24 CSK Aaron Gaitley Stadium 01 May 21

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