Most jaw-dropping sequel season 3 insults (so far)

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We get it, Follow Season 3 is probably the funniest so far.

The HBO Hit is about halfway through his third season, and we just can not get enough of the insults and jabs that the Roy family continues to inflict on each other. For those who have not yet voted, this chapter of Follow has son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Papp Logan (Brian Cox) once again together in the neck.

This Civil war came thanks to Kendall’s double-crossing decision at the end of the second season, where he exposed his father to find out about abuse and other abuse in the company. And while Logan would like Kendall to “fk off” this season, the former heir apparently refuses to return, offers many opportunities for family fighters.

For example, in the fourth episode, “Lion in the Meadow”, Kendall and Logan are forced to reunite. reassure a panicked shareholder, played by brilliant Adrien Brody. During a hike with the hot-clad stockman, Logan has a health crisis, but Kendall seems to be only focused on talking business.