Most read Manchester news today – Thursday, 14 October 2021

Some of the Manchester Evening News’ top stories today include the trash that has become an unexpected internet star, the top restaurant entangled in the ‘religious diet’ queue, and a massive fire in a landfill.

We’ve put together some introductions and links to full articles below in case you missed them.

Here are the highlights from Manchester today (October 14).

Manchester restaurant during ‘religious diet’ after customer refuses to refund deposit

The famous Thai restaurant in the Northern District, District, offers a 12-course set menu and says it can’t cater to personal tastes, needs, or allergies.

Became a Manchester restaurant with a customer Due to the non-refundable deposit policy after the customer requested that the strict set menu be changed to meet their religious dietary requirements.

The region is rated Thai restaurant In the Northern Quarter, it offers a 12-course set menu and says it may not cater to individual tastes, needs, or allergies.

At the time of booking and paying a deposit of £15 per person, customers are informed that they should contact the restaurant prior to booking if they have any dietary needs.

But after booking, a customer asking them to change their pork dishes for religious reasons sent an email saying, “Why don’t you shout loudly ‘We don’t serve Jews’ on your homepage.”

‘Fatal collision’ blocks main road in Ashton-under-Lyne

Emergency services at a crime scene on Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester Rd.  14 October 2021
Emergency room at a crime scene on Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester Rd

Died after a person died Collision on Tameside this afternoon (October 14).

Emergency services were dispatched to Manchester Road in Ashton-under-Lyne just before 14 October this afternoon.

While the road has been closed to traffic in both directions since the incident, investigations continue on the exit slipway on the M60.

The A635 Manchester Road has been completely closed following the collision between William Street and the M60 junction 23 slipway.

‘I’ve finally met in person’: Greater Manchester trash can becoming a possible internet star

Ben J Amin meets Heywood's new star for the first time after City Council of Rochdale announced the arrival of the bin
Ben J Amin meets Heywood’s new star for the first time after City Council of Rochdale announced the arrival of the bin

From musicians to actors, from sports stars to fashion icons, many celebrities have made a name for themselves in Greater Manchester.

But now there’s an unexpected rising star making his name – in the form of a new litter box.

when it all started Rochdale City Council posted a photo of a new trash can on Facebook this week. Heywood.

A side post said: “Lance Corporal Stephen Shaw in Heywood has installed a new trash can next to the bus stop on MC Way, funded by our Heywood Township to help tackle trash in the area.”

Residents soon flooded the council with responses—many praising the move in typical Facebook fashion.

Mystery of 24-year-old message in bottle solved – stunned man

The bottle was thrown overboard by then six-year-old Alex Melling and his mother.

A message in a bottle thrown into the sea by six-year-old Alex Melling and his mother returned home – twenty-four years later.

living alex Hindleysays she caught her eye while browsing through the Facebook Group Hindley Residents talking about her old childhood address.

She swiped up again and then saw her name mentioned in a post and said, “I couldn’t quite believe it.”

A man named Rex Winter said he tried to locate an Alex at that address after his son and daughter discovered a message in a bottle in a remote bay in Scotland.

Dozens of firefighters respond to massive fire near M66 with road closed

Fire scene at a landfill in Pilsworth Road, Bury

Dozens of firefighters responded to a massive fire at a landfill.

Pilsworth Road in Bury was closed to traffic early Thursday morning.

In a statement released at 7am, the GMFRS spokesperson said: “Dozens of firefighters from all over Greater Manchester are battling a massive fire at a landfill in Bury overnight.

“Just after midnight this morning on 14 October 2021, firefighters from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service responded to 999 calls reporting a fire at a landfill in Pilsworth Road, Bury. The first crew to arrive – from the Whitefield fire station – immediately assessed situation and escalated the response scale.”

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