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Mountainfilm announces award winners for 2021


Posted by Larry Gleeson

Festival director Sujan Berraja said, “It felt like a holy place.” “The numbers were different from the numbers we used, but there was an intimacy and the ability to have real, deep conversations. It was a gift.”

Suzanne Beraja, Festival Director

The number of attendees may have shifted due to the pandemic, but the quality of programming remains high. And, as in previous years, some features and short films came out – pushing us out of our comfort zones, taking inspiring action, and changing our worldview. To honor these moments, a handful of films and filmmakers were awarded cash prizes.

“A big part of Mountainfilm’s mission is filmmaker support,” Beraza said. “The comment we got from the award juries is that the films had a lot of potential and they had a difficult deliberative process.”

R. 2021 Festival Awards by Nelson Parish Photo: Jonas Jungblut

These are the Mountainfilm 2021 award winners:

best documentary feature

The winner of this judicial award is jacinta, A film that introduces us to a multi-generational family fighting a pattern of intoxication and the cycle of prison, resuscitation, relaxation, and lasting despair. In three and a half years, filmmaker Jessica Arnshaw Follows a loving family facing an endless battle against codependency and trauma.
Funded in part by Tully and Alice Friedman

best short film
Since you came my heart stopped being mine

Since you came my heart stopped being mine The winner of this judicial award recognizes exceptional short film production. The director Erin Semin Kokkadly A group of Central American mothers desperately search the streets of Mexico for their missing migrant children.
Funded in part by Tully and Alice Friedman

charlie fowler best adventure film
After Antarctica

Every year, an adventure film, which embodies the spirit of Charlie Fowler, a world-class climber and Telluride crag pioneer, is recognized. this year, Tasha Van Zandts After Antarctica was an eligible recipient. The film tells the story of Will Steiger, who traveled to Antarctica in 1989 to try and save Antarctica from exploitation. Now, nearly 30 years later, we see Steiger set out on a solo expedition to the Arctic Circle at the age of 75.
Funded by the Fowler family

moving Mountains
ants and grasshoppers

The Moving Mountains Award honors a film that is dedicated to social justice and influence – supporting both filmmakers and film-related nonprofits. This year’s recipients are Raj Patel And Zak Piper, Director of Ants and grasshoppers, and the farmer-led nonprofit Soil, Food and Healthy Communities. The feature film follows Anita Chitaya of Malawi as she and her mentor Esther Lupafya travel to America in an attempt to convince Americans that climate change is real.
Funded in part by Tully and Alice Friedman

women in film
Beauty president

The director Whitney Scouse The winner of this award is awarded to an outstanding woman in the film industry. scouse movie, beauty president A queer named Joanne Jet Block pays tribute to the drag queen, who ran a campaign as a write-in candidate in the 1992 US presidential election. In the film, we meet Terence Allen Smith, the male activist behind the personality, as he demonstrates his audacious bid to draw attention to LGBTQ + rights and the AIDS crisis.
Funded by Ricardo de Etcher and Bill Goldston.

Select Vimeo Staff
falling over

Chosen by a Vimeo Curation Team falling over As his outstanding short film of 2021. In short, the director Josephine Anderson — who is too afraid to ride a mountain bike — follows three female pro mountain bikers to explore themes of toughness, vulnerability, and achievement.
Vimeo. funded by

All these movies will be available on Mountainfilm Online. Passes for online festivities are still available here. After Mountainfilm Online, May 31 to June 6, the remaining two awards: Audience Choice and Student Choice will be announced.

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* If you haven’t grabbed all the movies on your list at Mountainfilm in Telluride – or you prefer the comfort of your own couch and snack set up – Mountainfilm Online is your back. Online festival passes are still available here. Get Yours Today!

See this guide to help you get the best experience possible: How to do mountainfilm online. You’ll be glad you did!

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Larry Gleeson at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival build-out. Gleason was part of the Telluride Film Festival Vespucci production team.

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