Mulatto fans seem to have seen the shadow of 21 Savage in her most recent bikini photo


Shed Room has earned a reputation for being a team of detectives, but Mulatto fans will surely take the cake after that!

Mulatto posted a few pictures that looked absolutely graduated in her leopard print bikini, but it wasn’t her bangle body, her natural hair or her radiant skin that caught the attention of her fans.

In one photo, fans noticed a shadow related to the person who spread the lit pictures, and some of them confirmed that it was 21 Savage, especially since the headline of the pictures was, “He likes it here.”

Fans of Big Latto have been swept up in his comments on the theory, claiming that it is based on the silhouette of his hair 21 Savage.

One fan commented, “I see 21 barbaric shadows,” and Mulatto’s other fans wanted to agree!

“Yeah I was going to say the same thing.”

“I see it too.”

“You can see his head, LOL.”

“Yeah, haircut lol.”

Now, we’re not entirely sure how people came to this conclusion based on that lily shadow in the corner, but Mulatto set foot in the shadow room to reveal that it was actually her busy lexie that was taking pictures of her.

Rumors of a romance between Big Latto and 21 Savage began when he posted that he bought himself a new Bentley a few months ago. Since then fans have speculated that the two may be dating but the rumor has yet to be confirmed.

We also did some digging while Mulato was on his birthday vacation in Puerto Rico in December and we noticed that 21 people were in PR at the same time. The two didn’t post any pictures together, so it’s not clear if they actually came out as a couple.

Still, we want to know what you think about the intelligence work of Lato fans! Did they beat us ?!

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