Municipal elections take place in Kosovo as tensions escalate with Serbia

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Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti abstained on Sunday as part of a local election in which the ruling party hopes to take control of Pristina City Hall.

About 1.9 million voters vote to elect mayors for 38 municipalities and about 1,000 town hall legislators.

Outside the polls, Kurti said: “Today, the citizens will decide who will decide. I encourage all people of all backgrounds, affiliations and wealth to use this element of equality to use the equal opportunities they have.”

There was another atmosphere in the north that was overwhelmingly populated by the ethnic Serbian minority. Voting there will attract a lot of attention after two incidents in the last two months that have led to rising tensions between Kosovo and Serbia.

Leaders of Kosovo’s Serbs went together to the polls in northern Mitrovica.

Serbian list coalition leader Goran Rakic ​​and candidate Milan Radojevic cast their votes together in elections taking place despite coronavirus.

Officials running the election process must have had at least one shot of vaccine and voters must wear masks. The first results were expected at Sunday midnight, local time.


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