May 6, 2021


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‘My Best Friend, The Love of My Life and the Best Father’ Finsse Respects Young Scottish Father After Death

His heart was broken Fiancé After a tragic death, a young Scottish father praised him for being ‘her best friend and the love of her life.’

Heartfelt thanks go to Michael McManus of Glasgow: ‘Dear son, father, fiancé, uncle, cousin, brother and friend Friends and family.

The Celtic Fan was married to Lauren Missililly and had a baby girl.

Earlier today, she wrote in a touching post on Facebook about Michael: “My heart is broken as you are my best friend, the love of my life and the best father …

Michael and Lauren were engaged

I just want you to come back with me and I need our special child here I love you so much I know Mickey and I look down and proud ….

One more post added:

The other message of protection is thanks to support messages.

She added: “Thank you all for the beautiful messages.

Michael was such a loving crazy boy and he has always been my soul mate.

Paul Darren Anderson started a fundraiser for Michael’s funeral.

A fundraiser has been launched for Michael’s funeral

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At the time of writing, he raised ደጋ 3,195 for the charity, with a view to raising £ 2,000.

He wrote on JustGiving’s page: “Another young man’s life was taken very quickly. Michael will always be remembered as the life and soul of the party. Such an addictive child and a smiling child who will not leave our memories.

“He left behind a loving family, including a wonderful mother and father, a beautiful son and daughter-in-law, and a very close sister.

Let us raise as much money as we can to alleviate this difficult time for the family.

And they continue to praise Michael for being a “true gentleman” online.

Jodi Machuen wrote: “What a cruel world we are in! Shut up your loved ones because they never know what might happen. “Michael Macmanus always remembers such an honor and the days of Pollock Park and Levy, let the soul learn.”

Chloe Mackie wrote: “Such a noble and kind soul, Michael McManus, rested in peace. Think about your family during this sad time.

Taxes announced live stream on DJ / MC Dazezo’s Facebook page.

One post read: “To organize a live stream in memory of my brother Michael McManus.

To raise funds for funeral expenses and to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

Any DJs and MCs who would like to participate please leave me an hour.

To help support fundraising Click here.