NAACP said Pearland police were following protocols for arresting a woman who allegedly speeded in the school district.

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) — What started as a traffic stop in Pearland ended when an officer had to point a stun gun at a woman.

The incident occurred at 8:24 am on the morning of September 22 in the 2000 block of Kirby Drive as a police officer tried to stop a driver who was allegedly speeding in the school district.

The officer said he tried to explain why he stopped the woman, but the woman fled the scene. The officer then followed him. The woman, identified as Johneisha Lewis, stepped aside for the second time.

Moments later, the officer’s body camera shows he was trying to calm Lewis down, but instead began yelling at him to leave him alone.

WATCH: Woman arrested during traffic stop for alleged speeding in school district

“Leave me alone, I’m trying to go,” he can be heard saying. “You pulled me for charity [expletive] reason.”

The officer was heard repeatedly telling the woman to park her car, but Lewis still refused.

A second officer arrived at the scene. For a few moments, officers tell Lewis to unbuckle his seat belt and get out of the car, but things escalate when he refuses to do so.

Pearland police said officers gave Lewis more than 50 different verbal commands they said had been ignored.

During the arrest attempt, one of the officers is seen wielding a stun gun on Lewis. He continued to yell at the officer even after he fell to the ground. Lewis was later arrested for fleeing and resisting arrest.

Pearland police said the department has launched an investigation into the use of force. The department later added that the officers’ actions were within policy.

The NAACP also told ABC13 that it does not believe the officers used excessive force in this situation.

NAACP representative Eugene Howard said, “Unfortunately, it was a bad day for that young lady, my heart goes out to that family. I firmly believe that the young lady had an experience of having a bad mental health day.” “What people see as overpowering has escalated, but when you watch the discussion from start to finish, you can understand the exact parameters of what’s in place.”

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