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Nadal, Djokovic looks at the history of the Grand Slam at the French Open


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Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will see more of the Grand Slam history at the French Open as Roland Garros embraces a new but completely empty era of night tennis.

The fourteenth title in Paris To Nadal It takes him to the 21st biggest record and surpasses the score he shares. Roger Federer He had previously written his hopes for adding to his lonely success in the French capital in 2009.

Djokovic, The 2016 champion, can be transferred to 19 Grand Slam titles with a victory.

This makes him the number one man in the world for more than half a century, winning several of all four disciplines.

After Djokovic draws Nadal third and Federer eighth in the same half, only one of the stadium’s “Big Three” will be in the final on June 13.

This means that Djokovic is set to face Federer in the quarter-finals and Nadal before a best-selling semi-final.

Nadal, who has previously won titles this season in Barcelona and Rome

In Roland Garros with a delay last year, Nadal beat Djokovic in the final in direct sets.

This is Nadal’s 100th win since winning his first championship in 2005, with only two losses.

Nadal, who defeated Djokovic in the final, begins his fight against Alexei Popirin of Australia, No. 62 in the world.

However, the hope for Djokovic is that he was responsible for one of Nadal’s losses in Paris in the 2015 quarter-finals.

He is also a four-time runner-up, although he lost three times in the championship to Spain.

Only two have already won all four slams more than once – on Emerson and Rud Laver of Australia. Laver’s achievement returned in 1969.

Djokovic kicks off in his first match, while Federer is playing in the qualifiers for the first time since 2019, overtaking Sandgren from 66th in the United States.

With his 40th birthday approaching, Federer remains his favorite, but his priority is to attack Wimbledon, where he has won eight times.

Chase package

“I’m not very sure that in the last 50 years of the French Open, someone at the age of 40 has only been out for a year and a half and won everything,” Federer said after losing his only pitch. Last week this year’s Geneva race.

Among the chasing packs, runner-up Dominic Thiem twice has little form and little confidence.

A match in the semi-finals of Madrid was accompanied by a direct defeat of the set against Cameron Nouri in the opening of Lyon.

World number two Daniel Medvedev has yet to win four attempts at a match at Roland Garros.

In Rome, he fell in the first hurdle and half-jokingly asked the referee to disqualify him, which is why he disliked clay.

World number five Stefanos Tsitsipas is likely to be the man who worries Nadal or Djokovic about winning the title again.

The 22-year-old Greek won the prestigious Monte Carlo clay title in April, scoring points for Nadal before losing the Barcelona final to the Lyon Cup.

He defeated Nadal in Madrid in 2019, bringing Djokovic to five sets in the semi-finals of the 2020 French Open.

Roland Garros is the second event to be held under the shadow of the Corona virus this year.

More than 5,000 fans a day are allowed to visit the site until June 9, when that number rises to 13,000.

This year, for the first time, 9 evening sessions will be held in the competitions.

However, the curfew from 9 pm means that eight sessions will be held in an empty Philip Chatir court.



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