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Nancy Pelosi is being prosecuted for violating a security check


Republicans who want to oppose the Speaker of the House Nancy PelosiPenalties for violations She Guard Protection and Mask Orders may have found new ammunition this month, the only Democrat fined – Republican James Clipper this month.

The House Ethics Committee’s decision to release third-party Democrat Mr. Cleberber said GOP lawmakers were scratching their heads, adding that the difference in sentences was in addition to their earlier claims that the sentences were insulting and unconstitutional.

Georgia Client Representative Andrew Clyid, who was fined, said his case was similar to that of Mr. Cleberber, and that the Democrats’ approval was twofold. He wrote a letter to the Ethics Committee asking him to submit all documents to show what was going on, and asked him to take further action on his complaint.

I welcome the Ethics Committee to reconsider my case, based on recent plans. He told the Washington Times that he was eager to spend the day in court to prevent further violations of our precious constitutional rights.

Other Republicans are more likely to join Mr. Clyde, and may form a new legal basis.

Experts say that although it may not have been the case in the first place in the 1880s, it may have been a big sale to the courts. Congress He has the power to punish his members.

But in 2016, Congress Research Service Reportedly, fines have always been used as restitution, but not as pure punishment for misconduct.

Mrs. Pelosi Last summer, the masked man was fined $ 500 and a $ 2,500 fine for the second offense.

And after Mrs. Pelosi In January, all members of parliament were ordered to appear before police before entering the building, and the council was fined $ 5,000 for the first offense and $ 10,000 for the second.

Legislators cannot use official money or campaign funds to pay fines, and the secretary of the council is authorized to deduct them from their salaries.

Republicans argue that the penalties are in conflict with two constitutional provisions. The first is the ban on business lawmakers, and the second is the 27th amendment to the constitution, which prohibits changing members’ salaries within two years. Congress.

According to the GOP, a lawmaker who tries to reach the floor to cast his ballot may lose his right not to use arrest. And a lawmaker’s fine for paying a salary can be classified as a salary change.

The council’s ethics committee refrained from releasing information on penalties and cleared up questions from the Times about the legal basis for the penalties.

“No comments,” said Tom Rice, the committee’s chief adviser.

The committee has publicly endorsed seven cases, six of which include Republicans and the other concerns Mr. Crib urn. In two cases, he and Republican Rep. Hal Rogers agreed to appeal, and Republicans are still targeted by Republicans on all five known charges.

More issues are pending.

A series of Republicans opposed the mask ban earlier this month, citing a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directive that those vaccinated with COVID-19 should continue their normal activities. The Democrats’ House of Representatives did not accept that scientific consensus, and a few Republicans encouraged opposition.

Representative Brian Mast was one of those who opposed the Florida Republican mask rule.

I am appealing to the Speaker Pelosi“The $ 500 fine is because I fully comply with the CDC’s directive and it is illegal,” Mast said in a statement. To the Speaker. It was never about following science Pelosi. It was always about power and control. ”

The statement also called the fine “unconstitutional.”

Mr. Master’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Experts suspect that the challenge of fines will be challenged by the courts.

β€œThis is a long shot,” former home general consultant Stanley M. Brand told the Times.

Mr. Brand, a co-founder of the law firm in Penn State, who co-founded the company under the brand Woodward Law, said the wage dispute was a serious sale because the penalty was not a penalty but a penalty. Salary

Barrett Tilman, a law professor at the University of Mainoz in Ireland, also spoke out against the wage dispute. Congress It has for its members, punishment makes more sense.

“In my opinion, it is better to punish someone than to throw them off the floor or temporarily suspend them, because that would destroy their ability to vote,” he said.

He said that although Republicans are monitoring the situation, it may be necessary to impose sanctions on them.

“If Republicans can accuse them of discrimination or excuses, they really don’t want to enforce these laws because they’re announcing it. They’re just trying to mislead people. That could be a line of debate,” he said.

Indeed, House Republicans say Pelosi She herself was seen jumping the magnetometer in early February, but She He was never punished. The Commander of the Armed Forces He It imposes sanctions on any member of parliament, including the police-appointed speaker, but no official has been found guilty of sexual harassment. Pelosi.

Congress The behavior of its members has been vested in the police, and criticism and expulsion have been used since ancient times. But home punishment is a relatively new and unusual punishment.

The Congress Research Service Representative Adam Clayton Paul He said he could not get fines before 1969 when $ 25,000 was closed – more than half a member’s annual salary Congress At the time – for various offenses, including misappropriation of funds from official accounts.

CRS Linn Each fine reported during the 2016 report was used to reimburse or reimburse, for example, the legislature misused funds from the accounts. Masks and magnetometers penalties are not the case.

Still CRS He asserted that there was no constitutional basis for imposing sanctions.

Mr. Tilman said that although Republicans are not law-abiding, it may still be worthwhile for them to win the war.

“Republicans may be thinking it is a win-win situation because it shows how Republicans have been hurt,” he said.

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