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National Enquirer Publisher Will Pay $187k Over Scheme to Suppress Story of Woman With Alleged Affair with Trump


publisher of national interrogator Was fined $187,500 (£132,492) for buying and hiding the story of a former Playboy model who claimed he had an alleged relationship with Donald Trump.

federal election commission (FEC) stated that in making payments to 2016 Karen McDougall, American Media Inc. had “deliberately and knowingly” violated election law.

The FEC’s decision comes three years after the non-profit government watchdog group Common Cause complained of a $150,000 payment.

It claimed that the payment was an illegal, in-kind contribution made to a one-term presidential election campaign.

But the FEC’s six-member commission did not find Mr Trump or his campaign in violation of electoral laws.

Common Cause was informed of the decision on Tuesday, but the FEC has 30 days to release more details on its decision.

Ms McDougall, who was paid the money in August 2016, later told the new Yorker That she had an affair with Mr Trump in 2006 and 2007.

Mr Trump has strongly denied the allegation.

But his former lawyer, Michael CohenMs McDougall and former porn star both indicted in 2018 for paying stormy daniels.

He served more than a year in prison for federal campaign finance violations as well as other crimes.

The FEC has already dropped an investigation into whether Mr Trump violated election laws when Mr Cohen paid Ms Daniels $130,000 before the 2016 election.

Ms McDougall later sued AMI, which was run by Mr Trump’s friend David Pecker, claiming he had bought her story and deliberately did not publish it to prevent embarrassing Mr Trump because He tried to win the White House.

AMI, now known as AM360, “agreed not to fight” that payment to Ms. McDougall, “in consultation with an agent of Donald J. The decision, combined with the election, constitutes a prohibited corporate in-kind contribution.”

The agreement was reportedly signed last month but was made public only on Tuesday.

As part of the agreement, AM360 reportedly acknowledged the FEC’s findings but said it did not knowingly or knowingly violate the law.

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