National Party leadership: Simon Bridges represents leader – again

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Simon Bridges, former leader of the National Party, wants to get his old job back.

Thing Bridges understands that she’s definitely up for the leadership position that was vacated after Judith Collins lost a vote of confidence Thursday.

Tauranga MP Bridges was leader of the National Party between 2018 and 2020 before being sacked in a party coup by Todd Muller after poll numbers fell during the first wave of Covid-19.

Former National leader Simon Bridges is running.


Former National leader Simon Bridges is running.

Collins himself lost the lead after a failed attempt to oust Bridges, who was widely predicted to form for a leadership nomination around Christmas.

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On Wednesday, he released a press release that demoted Bridges and stripped him of all roles over an offended comment he made in the presence of National MP Jacqui Dean in 2016.

The National committee, who had not been consulted on the matter, was enraged and eventually gave Collins a vote of confidence, and Collins lost.

Bridges is the first candidate to take off his hat to the ring.

The National Party leadership is currently vacant.


The National Party leadership is currently vacant.

At a press conference on Thursday to explain the comments and apologize again for them – they were about the best sexual position to get a girl pregnant – he once again made it clear that he’s in the best business.

“I think I’m an older, possibly wiser man today, especially than I was five or six years ago — but even when I was leader of the National Party a few years ago,” Bridges said.

He said he was not keen to stand up to Collins, but was now concerned with the position being vacant.

“I have been sincere in my clear statements that I have no intention of staying where things are. That has changed. I’ll consider that. I think I’m older and a little wiser. I think I have a feeling.” What does New Zealand need right now? I’ll think about it thoroughly.”

Leadership voting will take place on Tuesday.

Although Bridges is the only candidate announced, Thing Chris Luxon, former Air NZ CEO and Botany MP, understands that several other MPs are considering a possible run, including Covid-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop and Rodney MP Mark Mitchell.

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