Native American Group Conflicts MLB Claims on Atlanta Tomahawk Chop – Deadline

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The nation’s largest Native American organization said this today MLB Commissioner Rob Manfredhis demands of widespread support for the Atlanta Braves‘Nickname and his Tomahawk Chop Fan Ritual are incorrect.

Manfred said Tuesday that Indians in the Atlanta region “fully support the Braves program, including the Chop. For me, this is a bit of an end to the story,” he said. The Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros squad in World Series, which brings national attention to Braves fans who have captured their team’s Native American imagery.

Today is the National Congress of American Indians against the statement, said, “Nothing can be further from the truth.”

NCAI President Fawn Sharp said the Braves’ name, logo and chop “are meant to show and caricature not just a tribal community, but all indigenous peoples, and that’s for sure how baseball fans and indigenous peoples interpret them everywhere.”

Native American names on sports teams is a long-standing problem Some teams have removed cartoons and stopped fans from wearing Native American clothing for games. In Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Indians change their name.

The Braves have so far resisted calls for change. They point to a partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. But other Indian tribes and groups were not so acceptable.

Today’s tweet from the NCAI said the group “has repeatedly and unequivocally made our position clear” that Native American mascots and rituals like the Chop “have no place in American society.”

It also asked Fox Broadcasting to stop showing fans the Tomahawk chop during this year’s World Series Games in Atlanta.

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