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Natural Tinted Face Lotion Recipe


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If you’ve been reading Wellness Mama for a long time, you know that I I’m not a fan of using chemicals I can’t pronounce to clean my house Or rub them all over my face, where they can be absorbed in seconds.

A logical extension of avoiding harmful chemicals is finding natural alternatives to personal care products and makeup. i made mine shampoo and Toothpaste (and started) a company to share these recipes with others) but finding natural (and affordable) makeup options that I loved was more difficult.

I got to know liquid foundation recipe It provides great coverage for acne and skin discoloration, but since I don’t wear makeup every day. Ultimately I wanted a lightly tinted face lotion that could be used daily for a little complexion without looking like I was wearing makeup.

my solution? This lightweight version of liquid foundation, with extra moisturizing power.

How to Make a Tinted Face Lotion or Moisturizer (like BB Cream)

As I mentioned, this tinted face lotion is similar to natural foundation but thinner and with less coverage. Many companies call it beauty balm or BB cream. It doubles as a natural facial moisturizer.

With its slight bronzing effect, I can use it daily but it does not look or feel like makeup. It goes on smooth and dries to a powdery smooth finish.

I used store-bought lotion in this recipe because it’s what I had on hand. If you do not already have a good face lotion, you can use a homemade face lotion this recipe. It’s as simple as we’re adding to changing the powder to turn it into a tinted lotion instead of foundation.

Finding Your Perfect Match

As for tint or color, there are several options. This recipe works really well with different skin tones and is easy to adjust so it is a perfect match. This tinted face lotion recipe uses:

  • Organic Cocoa Powder and Bronze Mica
  • or natural mineral makeup in your shade

I used a mixture of bronze mica powder and cocoa powder in mine. Note that mica powder has a . It happens very light shimmer, so if you don’t want that, stick to cocoa. You can also add a little cinnamon to it for warm colors. Just make sure all your additives are a very fine powder to apply smoothly.

You’ll want to start with a small amount of cocoa powder and mica (if using), adding a little more at a time to match your shade. It looks a little darker in the jar than skin, so don’t panic if it looks too dark!

And while you’re at it why not make some dry shampoo With extra cocoa? 🙂

what does it feel like?

This depends somewhat on the lotion you use, but it should be absorbed into the skin leaving it supple, moisturized and lightly tinted. I find it goes on smoothly and leaves behind a powdery finish, like if I lightly dusted on a good foundation powder or bronzer.

Note that it’s not heavy and it won’t cover acne, scars, or other blemishes.

The good news is, it uses healthy ingredients that nourish our skin cells instead of hiding the problem and can help improve skin tone over time. Cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants and contains a little bit of caffeine to soothe the skin. Plus rubbing chocolate-scented lotion on your face makes it rot!

Tinted face lotion with SPF?

Unlike my homemade foundation powder, there is no sun protection in this recipe. while i try to safe sun exposure Every day, a lot like this happens. If you want to add a little non-nano uncoated zinc oxide powder for SPF you can. However it will alter the texture somewhat and provide more coverage the more you use.

best moisturizer for the job

It is very easy to make, especially if you are using pre-made lotions. It can be as simple as two ingredients (lotion and cocoa powder or mineral makeup), or you can get a little fancier with it.

You want to choose a lotion that works well with delicate facial skin. Heavy lotions, like body butter, can be great for overall skin care, but are too heavy for facial skin. Choose one that works well with your skin type and isn’t too greasy or dry.


tinted face lotion

This tinted face lotion glides on and dries to a powdery finish. It is so lightweight that it can be worn every day for a fresh look.


homemade lotion

  • Melt the shea butter, argan or jojoba oil, and emulsifying wax in a double boiler, stirring occasionally.

  • Remove from heat and add aloe and witch hazel, stirring until smooth.

  • Let cool completely. Fridge speeds up the process.

paint your face lotion

  • Lotion (either homemade or purchased) and mix the colors to get the desired shade. Start with a small amount of powder of each color and gradually work to achieve your desired shade. You’ll want to use either cocoa powder and mica or mineral makeup, not both. I started with cacao tsp cocoa powder and mica, then added 1/8 tsp more at a time until it matched my skin tone.
  • It will appear darker in the jar than in the skin. Add a little more color at a time and test the color on your inner arm to get your perfect shade.

  • Store in an air-tight container and use daily as desired for a smoothing/polishing natural tinted lotion.


If you are using a pre-made lotion, this will increase the shelf life of the lotion you are using. If using homemade, it will last up to a month (the reason I make small batches).

Ever made your own face lotion or other makeup? Share below!

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