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Nature filmmaker accused of scene using tiny forks to spin worms like spaghetti


FAYETTEVILLE, AR—After the release of a documentary that tracks Italian songsNature filmmaker David Lyons came under fire on Wednesday for allegedly staging a scene in which a bird is seen using a small fork to spin a worm as if it were spaghetti. “While we still have much to learn about ItalianThe predatory habits of the parrot, the shot in which a bird sits on a plate of insects, winds around a pot, and brings it to its beak, seem to have been fabricated,” Francis Graydon, ornithologist at the University of said the professor of Arkansas, expressing suspicion that the production team had “just stumbled upon” this extremely rare feeding behavior and suggested that the bird’s environment may have been tampered with in some way.” , I became skeptical about the time of year they claimed to have encountered specimens in a deciduous forest, the ease with which sparrows were able to hold silverware in their wings, and the steam of earthworms and insect larvae resting on a small checkered tablecloth. Then I began to think about how the bird, like a bib, tied a leaf to the wings of its chest and raised a small glass of merlot before chirping, ‘Hello!’ This almost never happens in the wild, so the timing felt a little too right. The ornithologist also questioned how, with no documented cases of literacy among the species, the Italian s.In the documentary Parro managed to easily read his aperitif, antipasto and entree options from a menu printed on a piece of bark.


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