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NBC posts a 10% drop in viewership in the Premier League


The US channel NBC revealed that the viewership is hers Premier League Down to 10.3% after the recent channel breakdown for coverage for the 2020/21 season. NBC will enter the final year of its $ 1 billion contract with the Premier League. The broadcaster experienced tough seasons 2020/21 as they had the fewest viewership per match, averaging 414,000. It is the lowest since the broadcaster obtained the rights in 2015.

However, the number does not add the watch number for the newly launched digital platform Peacock and other Spanish speaking channels. NBC also intends to transfer Premier League content to digital Peacock and also to the USA network after the NBCSN pay-TV platform closes.

The drop in viewership is largely due to the increase in match time due to the need for the Premier League to broadcast nearly every match at intervals to British audiences. Since there is a game in different time periods, it was early morning start for US fans. About 314 matches in 2020-21 were covered by the broadcaster which also includes 914 hours of live match and studio coverage. Both are indicative of the broadcast coverage of the Premier League this season in the United States.

Although the viewership has decreased somewhat, the total number of viewership (TAD) for games on the network recorded 879,000 views, a year-on-year increase of 2%. The network also secured the second highest viewership in the Premier League on pay television, which was a record 1.06 million when Liverpool and Manchester United played against each other.

The highest audience ever on the network for a Premier League match was 1.16 million people in the Manchester Derby match on April 12, 2015. The last five matches of that match scored 1.4 million viewers, while the Premier League on NBC Sport on YouTube reached 1 billion views in one season. As NBC’s contract expires next year, Premier League He will be hoping for a more lucrative deal after La Liga secures a record deal for the Foreign League with ESPN in the United States of America.

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