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‘Neighbor from Hell’ Lori Christenson accused of stalking after years of alleged harassment


A woman described as a “neighbor from hell” has been charged with stalking after years of alleged harassment.

According to MSN, Lori Christenson, a 57-year-old woman living in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, was charged with stalking twice last Thursday. She has faced allegations of videotaping and harassing her neighbors since she first moved there in 2016.

According to documents filed in Ramsey County District Court, Christensen allegedly videographed his neighbors whenever they were outside or doing yard work. Neighbors said Christenson cut off their cable and Internet lines. He also said that he had staked a mannequin head on his deck. She allegedly turned her head in front of her neighbor’s house when she was upset.

Her neighbors eventually moved out in 2019. Although a relative of the neighbors later left, they also moved out due to Christenson’s behavior, Duluth News Tribune Reported.

Lori Christenson, a woman described as a “neighbor from hell”, has been accused of the chase after years of alleged harassment. In her photo depiction, a man hiding in the dark sees the key to her house as a neighborhood woman.

Neighbors said she harassed a real estate agent and potential home buyers when they put their home on the market. Christensen allegedly threatened to call the police on his realtor about how he had parked.

According to MSN, he allegedly videotaped and yelled at potential buyers, telling them the house had previously been inhabited by “meth users.” As a result, there was no potential buyer in the house, a realtor said in court documents.

“She’s not taking it easy by trying to sabotage it by intimidating and intimidating potential buyers and their agents,” a neighbor wrote in the court filing. “We fear for our lives and for the lives of renters and potential home buyers and agents.”

The neighbor wrote that the conflict had made them sleep. The struggle made him tremble and whenever he faced Christensen, he started having stomach aches.

Christenson has stated that his behavior is within his constitutional rights to freedom of expression. She said that she videographed her neighbors for security purposes and she always stayed on her property. She also said that potential buyers approached her to ask her opinion about the house.

Still, he was charged with felony stalking and felony misconduct. She posted a $20,000 bond and will be back in court on June 24.

In addition to her alleged chase, neighbors involved in the case also said they often abused and made derogatory remarks about their dogs and owners’ ability to control and care for them.

Christensen allegedly called and e-mailed police and city officials several times over the past 10 years. He reportedly asked his neighbors to keep things on public property, allowed paper waste to fly through his bins in his yard, parked in a no-parking zone, a car with a flat tire in the front driveway and a Permitted by city ordinance to install fence.

Neighbors claimed that in the past, Christenson had mocked a recovering drunken neighbor. MSN reported that she drove a remote-controlled toy car in front of the person’s yard during her son’s birthday party and repeatedly said “Drunk driver!” Screamed.

Several publications in the last decade, including Tribune, referred to Christensen as “the neighbor from hell”.

Newsweek Contacted the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office for comment.

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