May 9, 2021


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Netflix trailer seeks to prove ghosts for Thai horror ‘Ghost Lab’

Netflix trailer seeks to prove ghosts for Thai horror ‘Ghost Lab’

By Alex Billington
April 30, 2021
Source: YouTube

“You are not supposed to believe in these things.” Netflix has released a new trailer for a ghost horror film from Thailand Ghost Lab, Being streaming in the United States and Thailand since this May. After witnessing a frustration, the two young physicians became dangerously engrossed in obtaining scientific evidence of the existence of ghosts. Gela and Wei, starring Paris Intercomaliasut And Thanapub Lirtankjorn, Two physician doctor friends see a ‘ghost’ with their own eyes when the afterlife experience goes wrong. Face-to-face has an insatiable desire to find scientific explanations for ghost spirits and to look for evidence of the afterlife. Their determination and reckless pursuit of unattainable knowledge will bring them down from a rabbit hole that can cost them their friendships and their loved ones. More acted Nuttanich Dungwattanawanich This is a great idea (reminds me) Flatliner), Especially from a Thai filmmaker, seems to have a completely different idea from what we used from Horror. I dug it. Glad it will launch on Netflix soon.

The official Netflix trailer (+ poster) for the Puin Puritz product is here Ghost LabDirectly from YouTube:

Ghost Lab poster

In this Thai horror film, Gla and Wei, two medical doctor friends, for the first time seeing a ‘ghost’ with their own eyes, spread an experiment with the afterlife. This confrontation creates an unsatisfactory drive for scientific explanations and subsequent search for evidence for ghosts. Their determination and reckless pursuit of knowledge will bring them down from a rabbit hole that will cost them their friendship and their loved ones. Ghost Lab, Also known as Fee Hxng Ptibatikar In Thai, directed by a Thai filmmaker CommodityOf the film Body: Every little piece will come back Previously, as well as some horror ontology department. The screenplay was written by Basudharna Pyaromana, Payon Purijitpanya and Tosphon Renting. Netflix will debut Ghost Lab Streaming is starting in Thailand and the United States (and a few more countries) May 26, 2021 Then. Who wants to know about ghosts?

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