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Netflix’s ‘Blue Miracle’ star Miguel Angel Garcia with Q + A



Blue Miracle A newly released Netflix movie about the incredible true story of Casa Hogger.

The story of the Blue Miracle is an incredible story of Omar (Jimmy Gonzalez), because we got his last chance to save the cashless orphanage, he and his wife ran away. Partnering with “Papa Omar” and his kids, “Moko” (Miguel Angel Garcia), the captain on the washed boat (Dennis Quaid) to get a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition.

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PPLA: How was your filming experience?

Mag: It was incredible. I mean, I always wanted to do it. I’ve always had a dream since I was little, just getting ready, and being with all the amazing people (actors and crew) in the Dominican Republic, they were absolutely amazing, how talented they were. Just like with the great person and the Dominican Republic, it was so beautiful there, it was a great time, we had a lot of fun on the set.

PPLA: What was it like working with Dennis Quaid?

Mag: Oh, that was amazing. I mean, I learned a lot from him just by seeing him and being around him. His professionalism on set, something I really used. How much fun he had, going to set. It really showed how you can be a professional and have a good time, having fun while setting up. This is a lesson for me that I take, you know about my future endeavors. Just to have fun, but you can still be professional and do a good job and you know that some interesting things have been brought out in the true charter.

PPLA: Did you know about Casa Hogar before doing this project?

Mag: No, I had no idea. When I read the script and found out about it, I was very interested. I went online and watched the video after video and did research from articles and newspapers because it’s an amazing story. And the orphanage itself is just an amazing story. These are really, really incredible with the work they are doing.

PPLA: Did you have the opportunity to interact with any of the boys or people involved in the true story for filming?

Mag: Unfortunately not. But we can talk to Omar and his wife. I believe they came to the set one day, but I was able to talk to them on the phone a few times. The work they are doing now is absolutely incredible with the girls and boys programs, the amount of funding they now have with

PPLA: Did you really catch fish in the film?

Mag: Haha no, we couldn’t actually fish. However, I got to go scuba diving, so this is me, near to the set fish, however, it was very nice it was a beautiful country.

PPLA: What do you expect people to do away with?

Mag: I really, regardless of whether her kids or adults watch the film, I hope they learn with perseverance and hard work and lots of love, you know you can really achieve your dreams, be it big or small. It’s just Casa Hogger’s fighting spirit and the perseverance and love that they put in every moment, umm, so I really want the audience to accept it. If you continue to pursue your dreams and you work really hard, you can do whatever you want in life.

PPLA: What was your favorite part of filming the Dominican Republic?

Mag: I really liked the crew. I think these are really about the people you surround yourself with and the experience you have with them. And, they were absolutely amazing people. They have such amazing power there in terms of their attitude towards life and you know they are incredibly talented. But it’s out of it. I used to go to the dressing room and there was music and dancing and you know it still maintains that level of professionalism but you know what, it adds fun and positive loving energy to what they do. You know, it’s almost set, they’re dancing and I don’t think I’ve seen any better dancers in my life but you know it’s beautiful.

Quick fire question!

PPLA: What is your favorite place to eat?

Mag: Okay, my family is Peruvian, I mix Peru and Spanish and I grew up in New York, I love cooking in Peru. Los Angeles has this amazing, amazing restaurant known as Rosaline which is known as Peruvian food and I try and go there as much as I can go

PPLA: NYC spot?

Mag: Oh my, God, I’m sucking for deli so a bacon egg and cheese will go a really long way for me. I don’t know if I can make any specific deli points, I always go to my local deli when I am.

PPL: What are you currently reading?

Mag: I just finished “A Short Life” which is an absolutely incredible book I bought three more to send to my friends. I’ve just moved on to “sorry” by Stephen King and I love Stephen King, for some reason I haven’t read it yet, so I’m finishing it on set.

PPLA: What music are you listening to now?

Mag: Well I love Jay Cole and he just dropped an album, I think it happened last week, and it’s absolutely amazing. And I love his work, he really talks about something deeper than just culture.

PPLA: Do you have any workout habits that you would like to share with a young actor or the general public?

Mag: I am a huge football player, I have been a football player all my life.

PPLA: What is the position?

Mag: I’m a midfielder so I’m driving a lot. Soccer is really my therapy, both that and acting. But with the help of soccer I can only stay in the moment and forget the worries of daily life and I am really able to concentrate. I love it so much the fact that what I would recommend to people is to find something that you really like. You know, I can’t run, not my thing, but if I play soccer, I’m adding that running side, I’m running a lot more than just getting out into the world. I recommend going out and there is nothing better than just working out.

PPLA: What are you doing now / in the future?

MAG: I’m actually filming a pilot for ABC in Atlanta right now. It is called the Promised Land and it is about all the Latino families to acquire wealth in Sonoma County. I play Junior who is the youngest kid in the family, and he has a lot of problems, but one of them is his richness and it’s a really interesting character to dive into me and see what things he can do with electricity There is so much energy and money. And yes, it makes me laugh (laughs) at what I’m doing now.

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