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Networks, Podcasts Horror of 1921 Attacks – Deadline


A week earlier this week, a white mob just settled in a black business district, known as “Black Wall Street,” where about 10,000 black residents of the city invaded the divided area of ​​Greenwood. Two days of murder, assault, arson and looting turned America into the worst incident of racist violence in American history.

Since the country was marked a hundred years before the horrific event, many TV networks have been broadcasting about the genocide, its aftermath, and its historical impact. Here is a song excerpt from some of the programming and podcasts tied to the anniversary of the May 31, 1911 events (unless PT is always mentioned):


Gayle King will anchor Tulsa 1921: American tragedy Monday at 10 p.m. There are special features between surviving and descendant eyewitness accounts, who share their sensitive accounts about the loss of family members and generations of property. It will air on BT on Monday at 8pm and on the Smithsonian Channel on Monday at 7pm.

Tulasa cancels its star-studded ‘Remind and Rise’ event over its Black Wall Street genocide


MSNBC correspondent Trimine Lee has hosted a digital documentary Blood on Black Wall Street: The Legacy of the Tulsa Genocide It is now airing on NBC News24.com and will hit Peacock on Sunday. Tiffany Cross anchors MSNBC Cross connection From Tulsa, I am talking to first-line leaders who have survived genocide and are seeking justice for their descendants. NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Today, Sections about the riot will also appear on CNBC, NBC Digital News and other NBCU outlets. Lee has hosted a two-part episode of MSNBC America Podcasts that mark the financial impact of genocide over the centuries through the stories of two black families. The first episode is now available, and episode 2 will air live on Thursday.

The latest episode of ABC News’ Steve Osunsami looks closely at the pressure to find and identify the victims of the mob and the controversy surrounding the administration of justice for those who died and their descendants as part of News Magazine. The soul of a nation. The episode is also being aired in Hulu. All episodes of Osunsami’s ABC News podcast The soul of one nation: the ultimate truth of Tulsa Now available.


The pubcaster will broadcast the documentary Tulsi: Fire and Forgetfulness Monday at 9 p.m. DNN L Brown Off The Washington Post He investigates the issues of atonement, reconciliation and reconstruction in the past, present and future through the historical lens of white oppression and black resistance ns by investigating the deadly torture and racial atrocities that exist without punishment by law. Set at ten-thirty on Monday night Tulsa Revisited, a PBS NewsR Weekend Special, Which will explore events and themes Fire and forgetfulness In the context of history and current social problems. (Check local list for airtime for both programs))


Special part of two nights 1 The legacy of Black Wall Street, Observed the rise of the Greenwood district until the genocide that destroyed the 36 36-block emerging business center at prem time on Tuesday evening. Part 2 airs June 8 at 9 p.m.


Cable Net’s two hour documentary Tulsa Burning: 1921 race genocide, The executive, produced by NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook, aired Monday night at 8 p.m. It takes a deeper look at the tragic events of a century ago and focuses on a specific time – from the birth of Black Wall Street to two bloody days and finally to its aftermath and the collapse of its aftermath.

A + E Networks

Season 2 of the six episodes of the podcast Blindspot, Title Blindspot: Burning TulsaAvailable now. Through conversations with descendants, ians historians and local leaders, it considers how the painful two-day attack continues.

National Geographic Channel

Documentary Rise again: Tulsa and red summerThe century-old era of intense racist controversy has shed new light, it will premiere June 18 to commemorate June 18th.

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