May 6, 2021


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NEW: Boris’s phone number has finally been removed from the Internet

NEW: Boris’s phone number has finally been removed from the Internet

Boris ’personal phone number has finally been removed from the internet after it was revealed last night that more than 15 years ago it is free and easily accessible. Popbitch broke the story, revealing that the number had been made available in an online press release from the Boris Shadow Education Days think tank in 2006. The Prime Minister’s access examination has been intensified since the revelations of James Dyson and a universal credit claimant sent him a text message over policy issues. Although attempts to call last night’s prime minister caused a “busy user” beep, this morning the calls are answered immediately by a female voice saying the phone has been turned off. WhatsApp is not delivered either …

Guido points out the Politeia the press release has finally been withdrawn, no doubt, after hours of furious calls from press officers number 10. The damage will be done, however, especially with regard to last week reports Simon Case told him that Boris had to change his old phone number for security reasons.

This morning, former National Security Adviser Lord Ricketts warned there could be security implications if the number had fallen into the hands of hostile states or domestic hackers, saying he would have thought a change in mobile number when he became prime minister would be a “Elementary safety precaution these days”. At least the press release is not available now. As long as no one files it on the Internet …