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New Income Tax Filing Portal


Income Tax Department is all set to launch new tax filing portal. The Income Tax Portal can be accessed through the URL – www.incometax.gov.in. New Portal 7. available fromth June, 2021. The basic objective behind launching the new portal is to provide convenience and a modern seamless experience to the taxpayers. The salient features and benefits of the Income Tax Filing Portal are given below.

New Income Tax Filing Portal – Key Features & Updates

New taxpayer friendly portal integrated with instant processing of Income Tax Return (ITR) for quick issuance of refunds to taxpayers. This means taxpayers no longer need to worry about delays in tax refunds. Tax refund will be issued expeditiously.

Dashboard view will be provided to the taxpayer. Taxpayer will be able to view all pending actions, including follow up action by the taxpayer, on a single dashboard.

The new portal will provide online and offline free tax preparation utility with interactive questions to help taxpayers fill ITR with prefilling, without any tax knowledge, to reduce the data entry effort. ITR1 to ITR4 online and offline options will be given.

The portal will be with live agents and chatbots. Taxpayers can ask their questions and get help with FAQs and online tutorials.

The new portal comes with a mobile app. This means that taxpayers now have the facility to access the income tax filing portal from desktop as well as mobile.

Taxpayers will be able to make online tax payment on the tax filing portal. The taxpayer will get multiple payment options like NetBanking, UPI Payment, Credit Card and RTGS and NEFT from any bank for easy payment.

Taxpayers will be able to fill their profile and provide details like salary, house property, income of business profession. All these details will be used to fill the ITR form before filling it. Once the TDS and SFT details are uploaded all the details including interest, dividend and capital gains will be available for filling the ITR form.

closing thoughts

According to me this is a welcome step of the government. The new portal is likely to do away with all the limitations of the existing income tax portal. The effectiveness of the portal can be seen once the portal is launched.

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