New Music Friday: Charlie Puth, WILLOW, Restless Road, & More!

PopWrapped is back with another week full of new music! Welcome to another edition of New Music Friday!

Charlie Puth just dropped his new album “CHARLIE” with his previous singles “Light Switch,” “I Don’t Think That I Like Her,” and several other single releases.

Justin Moore and Priscilla Block teamed up for an epic collaboration titled “You, Me, And Whiskey.” Flo Rida and Walker Hayes collaborated with “High Heels,” which is a track we didn’t know that we needed.

Additional releases include new music from WILLOW titled “ur a <stranger>,” “Bad Bad Bitch” which was released by Twinnie, and a pop-country track by Zac Hart titled “Body Language.”

“Loser” – Charlie Puth

“ur a <stranger>” – WILLOW

“Likkle Miss – THE FINE NINE REMIX” – Nicki Minaj

“Ghost of You” – Mimi Webb

“Sundown Somewhere” – Restless Road

“Carried Away” – Shawn Mendes

“Reason For Leaving” – Erin Kinsey

“tired of California” – Nessa Barrett

“la di da” – Avery Anna

“You, Me, and Whiskey” – Justin Moore, Priscilla Block

“The Loneliest Time” – Carly Rae Jepsen, Rufus Wainwright

“Too Much Of A Good Thing” – Madeline Edwards

“She Had Me At Heads Caroline – Acoustic” – Cole Swindell

“Heaven’s Like a Hometown” – Andrew Jannakos

“Call On Me” – Vianney, Ed Sheeran

“snow angles” – GAYLE

“How You Love Someone” – Mickey Guyton

“would you love me now?” – Joshua Bassett

“High Heels” – Flo Rida, Walker Hayes

“Wildflower” – Thomas Day

“Watcha Know About That” – Lily Rose

“Bad Bad Bitch” – Twinnie

“Body Language” – Zac Hart

“I Will” – Jordan Harvery

“Pedal Down” – Eddie And The Getaway

“Whole Lotta Little” – Emily Ann Roberts

“Bigger Small Town” – Jordan James

“Something More” – Megan Slankard

“Ocean Is Always Open” – Derek James

“Beautiful Is You” – Karissa Ella

“If You Ask Me” – Logan Crosby

“Sleepwalking” – All Time Low

“Lonely Hallucinations” – Alle The Dreamer

“Good Day” – Jake Scott

“Firecracker” – Taylor Sanders

“Chance of Whiskey” – Sabrina Ponte

Join us next week, for another New Music Friday, and let us know who YOU want to see!

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