New South Wales COVID-19 News: Dominic Perrotte Finds Kerry Chant ‘Missing’ From Announcement

The New South Wales Prime Minister has again been criticized for the failure of one of the state’s most important players to make an important announcement.

Dominique Perrotte was concerned about the absence of the state’s chief physician when he made an important health statement.

The New South Wales Prime Minister announced that hotel quarantines will be lifted for fully vaccinated international arrivals from November 1, in arguably one of the biggest health-related announcements in recent months.

But the chief health officer, Dr. Kerry Chant, who usually appears at press conferences, Gladys Berejiklyan, was nowhere to be found.

A reporter asked Mr Perrottet about how openness to the rest of the world puts Australia at risk of contracting the new Covid-19 strain.

“Wouldn’t it be important for Kerry Chant to be here tonight?” the prime minister was asked.

Mr. Perrott argued that on different days “the public needs to hear” different messages.

“I thought it was very important that Susan Pearce, who is the secretary of health, provided information on vaccinations and the impact on vaccination rates, especially in regional New South Wales, but right across the state because there is still a long way to go,” he said.

“It’s about delivering the message of the day, a clear message, and based on different announcements on different days, I will have different ministers and department members that we think can deliver clear messages that the government wants to convey to at any given time. “.

This is not the first time Dr. Chant has not attended a key press conference.

When Mr. Perrott was sworn in two weeks ago following the resignation of Ms. Berezhiklyan, he announced that students across the state would return to school by October 25th.

He also presented several other changes to the state’s roadmap for getting out of isolation.

But Dr. Chant was not there.

“What does it say about your respect for Dr. Kerri Chant that you wouldn’t invite her here today as one of your first big (press conferences)? It’s a little disrespectful, isn’t it? “9” asked news journalist Chris O’Keeffe.

“Dr. Chant is one of my favorite voters in Epping,” replied Mr. Perrotte.

“We have always had a great relationship. But … we are giving up press conferences at 11 am, now medical data will be released (at 9 am). “

On Saturday, he denied that he had violated public health guidelines when changing the state’s roadmap to break out of isolation.

Mr. Perrott said that these claims are “untrue,” and stated that there will always be different opinions about what to do.

“It’s a balance, and this is the approach that the NSW government has successfully followed over the past 18 months,” he told reporters.

“We listened to health advice. We listened to economic advice. We also listened to mental health advice. ”

New South Wales is expected to hit its 80 percent double dose target late Friday, triggering a new wave of relaxation of restrictions.

Recent figures showed that 78.81 percent of eligible residents received both doses of the Covid vaccine, and 91.66 percent received their first dose as of Thursday evening.

Although the target has been achieved, regional travel is still unavailable until November 1.

New South Wales reported 399 new cases of Covid on Friday.

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