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New species of ‘chocolate’ frog — the kind you can’t eat — discovered


(NEXSTAR) – A frog straight out of the “Harry Potter” universe has been discovered in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

It’s been nicknamed the “chocolate” frog, but it’s the kind of amphibian you don’t want to eat.

New frog species described by Queensland Museum scientists officially called Litoria Mira. Its nickname comes from its dirty brown colour.

lead author of Study which describes the frog, recently published in the Australian Journal of Zoology, said Statement After seeing that new species, the name “chocolate frog” just stuck.

According to Oliver, the “chocolate” frog’s closest known relative is the Australian green tree frog. The species looks completely identical, but “one is usually green, while the newer species usually has a lovely chocolate color.”

“What is slightly surprising about this discovery is that Australia’s famous and common green tree frog has a long-discovered relative living in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea,” Oliver said in the statement. “That’s why we named the new frog littoria mira Because the word Mira in Latin means wonder or strange.

The frog is believed to be found in inhospitable lowland marshy forests in Papua New Guinea. The study noted that the species was usually seen on branches about 3 meters above the ground.

You can hear the “chocolate” frog before you see it. The amphibian makes a “deep, masked bark” that sounds like “crock, crock, crock”.


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