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New state program aims to help landlords and tenants


ERIE COUNTY, NY (WIVB) — The eviction moratorium has been a shield for tenants during the pandemic, but the shield will be gone on Sept. 1. That’s why local leaders are asking people to apply for relief.

Western New Yorkers struggling to pay rent every month can now get help. Offering money through the state emergency rental assistance program. Households earning 80 percent or less of the area’s median income may have their 12 months’ rent and utilities covered.

‚ÄúThis is being done in such a way that if there are other needs that are met by the families who have been suffering for this past year and a half, there are other programs that will connect other individuals as well. The bigger message is now to ensure that. You are applying, said Brendan Mehfi of the City of Buffalo’s Office of Strategic Planning.

This assistance will also benefit those landlords who are not getting payment from the tenants.
For the past year, landlords were not allowed to evict tenants who were not paying rent for any reason under the state’s eviction moratorium. Which ends on 31st August.

“Because the landlord provides bank information, the money will be sent directly to the landlord’s checking and savings account, so they don’t have to worry about tracking down the tenant to get that money,” attorney Justin Friedman said. he said.

Officials have set aside a two-point-$7 billion for the program, which will be allocated across the state.

Friedman said, “It’s a case by case and payment is not guaranteed, so I would say get the ball rolling with it and landlords should start communicating with their tenants to get the necessary documents and get these applications.” “

Applications for this program open on Tuesday. Again because only a certain amount has been set aside, officials are urging people to apply at the earliest. To apply, Click here.

Marlee Tuskes is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. see more of his work Here.


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