May 9, 2021


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New US trailer for Australian sci-fi spectacle ‘Occupy: Rainfall’

New US trailer for Australian sci-fi spectacle ‘Occupy: Rainfall’

By Alex Billington
April 30, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Something big is coming …” Soap Films has unveiled a new official trailer in the United States for an Australian sci-fi action thriller Occupation: Rainfall, From filmmaker Luke Spark. This is a completely different trailer than the one we had last week in the UK. Two years after the aliens landed on Earth, survivors from Sydney, Auschwitz, fought in despair as the death toll rose. Described as “Avatar Meet Star wars Meet Independence Day, “And if these trailers don’t feel that way, I’ll be scolded from behind the VFX team. The Last Jedi And Blade Runner 2049, Spark Occupation: Rainfall A new “sci-fi action epic” with All Star Cast. Morrison of Temu Co-stars Why Zheng, Jet Transit, Dan Ewing, Lawrence Macquarie, Daniel Gillies, Dena Kaplan, And Jason Isaacs. Bring rain! I just hope to see it as much as kick ass! It can go either way but I’m more excited to see it and find it.

The US official trailer (+ poster) for Luke Spark is here Occupation: RainfallDirectly from YouTube:

Occupy Rain Movie

Occupy rain poster

You can check out the other full UK trailer for Spark again Occupation: Rainfall Click here to see more footage.

After a distinct aggression on Earth, where survivors are fighting back in desperate ground warfare, resistance has uncovered a conspiracy that could see the war as a determined outcome for mankind. Alien invaders are racing to save the planet from hell-bending to make Earth their new home. Occupation Rain is an explosive sci-fi extravaganza that jumps from start to finish. Occupation: Rainfall Both are written and directed by Australian producers / filmmakers Luke Spark, Director of the film Red Billabong And Occupation Previously, some more costume design work. It is produced by Carly Imri and Carmel Imri. It premiered last fall at the Monster Fest in Australia and it opened in Australia earlier this year. Signature Ent. Will release Occupation: Rainfall + VOD starts in UK movies July 9. Just announced – Soap Films Spark will be released Occupation: Rainfall Start select theaters at VOD in the United States June 11.

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