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News links for Saturday, May 15, 2021


Coronavirus 1) PM warns that “at risk” blockade is blocked

“Boris Johnson has warned that the Indian variant of coronavirus could derail the removal of blocking restrictions with the way to become the dominant strain in Britain. The Prime Minister said the spread of the variant could cause” disorders in the England opening plan and that the nation was facing “difficult decisions.” At a briefing in Downing Street, he said he wanted to “match up” with the public that the variant could delay plans to lift the restrictions on June 21. The unblocking could have to be reversed and he pledged to do “whatever it takes to keep the safe public”. However, it will continue the third stage of the roadmap to lift the blockade on Monday, allowing people to mingle inside and allow physical contact for the first time since coronavirus restrictions began. ” The times

  • It’s okay to reopen on Monday, but keep the June 21 unlock process: Leader, The sun
  • There is no case for delaying reopening: leader, Daily Telegraph
  • SAGE’s terrible warning that the Indian variant could put 10,000 revenue a day in a few months – Daily mail
  • Portugal will allow UK tourists from Monday – BBC
  • The nation must come out of closure, not lose its fear – Camilla Tominey, Daily Telegraph

Coronavirus 2) Sturgeon to maintain restrictions in Glasgow

“Nicola Sturgeon on Monday lifted the blockade in Glasgow after evidence that India’s most transmissible variant of Covid” is driving “the rise in cases in the city. Scotland’s largest city meant it would join Moray by staying at level 3 of its blockade restrictions, while the rest of the mainland is moved to level 2. People are advised not to travel inside or outside the two areas of the town hall and its 730,000 residents will not be able to gather at home or embrace loved ones, as is planned in the rest of the country. ” – Daily Telegraph

Poots is elected DUP leader

“Northern Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has been elected leader of the Democratic Unionist Party. He succeeds Arlene Foster, who leaves the party leadership post on May 28 and then leaves her role as NI prime minister in late June. Poots defeated MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson to take first place in the party. It is the first time in the party’s 50-year history that a leadership contest has taken place. Poots received 19 votes and Sir Jeffrey 17 votes. He said he would like to continue as Minister of Agriculture and would not take on the role of Prime Minister of Northern Ireland if he were elected party leader. “- BBC

  • Promises to “undermine” Northern Ireland protocol – Daily Telegraph
  • A warning to Westminster and Brussels: leader, Daily Telegraph
  • Johnson threatens to suspend all controls on goods crossing the Irish Sea if the EU does not stop its harsh approach – Daily mail

> Today: ToryDiary: Poots and Faulkner

Jenrick announces additional funding to reduce hard sleep

“This year, it will help people who sleep more in England off the street and stay as part of a £ 203 million program,” the government announced. An estimated 2,688 people slept hard on any night in England last autumn. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said the money will be donated to councils to support shelters and specialist mental health or addiction services. But Carity Crisis warned that funding “will only scratch the surface.” The government said its Raw Sleep Initiative has reduced nearly a third by sleeping raw compared to areas that have not participated in the program. “- BBC

Sunak predicts “green job boom”

“Britain can expect a ‘brighter future’ as the economy bounces off Covid’s ravages. In an exclusive interview, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said hope and opportunity” spread across the country as several companies welcome customers starting next week. Households had “a lot” of accumulated savings ready to fuel an increase in consumer spending, he said. And he predicted a “boom in green jobs” in the UK’s former industrial area thanks to billions of pounds of government investment in wind energy, carbon capture technology and other clean energy sources. Sunak spoke to the Daily Express during a visit to Humberside … The chancellor declined to comment on the Daily Express’ call for zero VAT on goods and services that produce zero carbon emissions. ”- Daily Express

  • Amazon will hire 10,000 British workers – BBC

The Interior Ministry says EU workers who refused entry on visas should receive bail

“The government said on Friday that it would end the arrests of EU citizens suspected of working in the UK without permission, following an outcry over incidents of people being taken to immigration withdrawal centers. The Interior Ministry said it had “updated” its guidelines on immigration officers to “clarify” that bail should be allowed to overseas citizens who had been denied entry while they waited. The statement followed reports that some EU citizens arriving in the UK in recent weeks had been transferred to prison-like immigration withdrawal centers, including Colnbrook, near Heathrow, and Yarl’s Wood, in Bedfordshire. ” – Financial Times

Green warns that planning reforms will lose votes

“Boris Johnson would be ‘foolish’ to give Conservative voters of course as he moves forward with planning reforms designed to trigger a boom in housing construction, senior Conservatives have warned. Former cabinet ministers said deregulation of the planning system would “alienate” the southern cores of the Conservatives … Damian Green, the former de facto deputy prime minister, said election results had shown that the Conservative party would be “foolish” to ignore its voters’ region, while Theresa Villiers, the former environment secretary, said she could not “take the south for granted.” Ministers are determined to fulfill the manifesto’s commitment to build 300,000 new homes a year. ” – The times

> Yesterday: Ben Southwood in the comment: Why planning reform can work this time around, giving us the new homes we need

Women need to be heard about transgender identity, says the new head of equality

“Women must have the right to question transgender identity without being abused, stigmatized or at risk of losing their jobs,” warned Britain’s new head of equality. In her first interview since taking office, the new chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission said it was “completely reasonable” for people to challenge the biological status of women born as men. . Baroness Falkner of Margravine added that it was a “freedom of belief” which the commission was determined to protect. ” The times

Starmer “to build bridges with backbenchers”

“Keir Starmer has appointed the respected Member of Parliament for the North East of England, Sharon Hodgson, as the new parliamentary assistant, as she seeks to soften relations with Labor groups after last weekend’s full reshuffle. Hodgson, Member of Parliament Washington and Sunderland West have replaced Carolyn Harris, who resigned earlier this week amid allegations that tensions had erupted between Starmer and his aide, Angela Rayner, as Starmer’s private parliamentary secretary. “It will be the relationship between the backbenchers and the leader’s office. Some MPs have complained in recent weeks that they feel neglected by Starmer’s team.” – The guardian

  • Streeting diagnosed with kidney cancer – BBC
  • Cluskey urged to leave his apparent heir Beckett – Daily Telegraph
  • Union leader “lied” about Liverpool links – The times
  • Interview with Angela Rayner – The times

The American envoy arrives in Tel Aviv while the violence continues

“A US envoy has arrived in Tel Aviv for escalation talks while Israeli-Palestinian riots continue. Hady Amr will take part in talks with Israeli, Palestinian and UN officials in hopes of agreeing to a halt In the early hours of Saturday, Israel carried out airstrikes in Gaza, and Palestinian militants responded by firing rockets at Israel. Clashes over the past five days have marked one of the worst violence in the region in years. ” BBC

Moore: Why we need to curb election fraud

“An infinitely more serious example of the problem had been exposed at Tower Hamlets in London. After lengthy disputes, the electoral tribunal found that the directly elected mayor, Lutfur Rahman, had used numerous illegal methods to secure his election … Although justice was finally done, a worrying feature of the case went be the extreme reluctance of the authorities to counter Rahman’s abuses. Pickles’ next report on bad electoral practices sharply pointed out that the Electoral Commission had managed to award a gold star for electoral integrity to Tower Hamlets while all this was going on. “- Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

Oxford University’s proposal to “decolonize” imperial measures

“The University of Oxford has suggested that imperial measures on ties with the British Empire should be ‘decolonised’. The mile, inch, garden, pound and ounce are” deeply tied to the idea of ​​the Empire. ” and their presence on the curriculum could change, suggesting the decolonizing plans of Oxford’s faculties of mathematics, physics and life sciences, and undergraduate students (with a living wage) have been recruited to carry out a wide range of research this summer, along with academics, on how Oxford science curricula can be made less “Eurocentric.” They will make proposals for teachers to implement any recommendations in their curricula, in an attempt to “diversify” math courses. and science “. – Daily Telegraph

Parris: The time has come for us to stop pandering travelers

We should stop forcing local authorities to create places of travelers, gradually eliminate the rights of the “ethnic minority” of people who are not a race but a doomed mentality, prioritize with the utmost generosity the supply of housing social to the families of travelers; and, for those who reject it, they begin to gradually but relentlessly squeeze anyone who tries without permission to park their home on public property or on the property of others. This should be done with as much humanity as is consistent with honestly telling a group of people that their lifestyle does not offer them and their children a future, but their country wants to help them change it. Travelers are just people, just human souls like you or me; good, bad, or indifferent, like you or me; and victims of their circumstances perhaps more than you or me. There is a place for them, but no longer for their way of life. “- Matthew Parris, The times

News soon

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  • Republicans think Jimmy Carter is his best weapon against Biden: Andrew Naughtie, Independent
  • The Oxford Union believes the right can represent the working class – John Redwood
  • Brexit vs Remain: what is the score when it comes to trade? – Julian Jessop, CapX
  • Why Israel exploded – Shany Mor – Unknown


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