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News mocker announces death of William Shakespeare … 400 years late – World News


Cruel viewers gave an Argentine news reader white time after announcing the death of the world’s most famous playwright.

But instead of Shakespeare’s William ‘The Bard’, it was actually his 81-year-old namesake. William Shakespeare – Bill Pfizer Corona virus Shots – Who died at the hospital earlier this week.

The more famous Shakespeare died at the age of 1616 at the age of 52, more than 400 years at home in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Reporting has been difficult since then, but half a century later, John Ward in Stratford wrote that he had given up on a riddle a few days after “drinking too hard” with poet Michael Drayton and playwright Ben Johnson.

Shakespeare’s William ‘Bill’ is beaten

William ‘Bard’ Shakespeare died in 1616

But the proof of many things is the name of Noelia Novilo, the host of Channel 26, who announced on Thursday that “one of the most important writers in English – Master for me” has died.

“We have received news that has amazed us all because of the greatness of this man. We are talking about William Shakespeare and his death. We will tell you how and why this happened,” he said. “

As he played Bill’s tragic news videos as he played his pelvis on the screen.

The Internet was fast in ridicule.

Channel 26 host Noelia Novilo announces “One of the most important English writers – Master for me” has died

A Twitter account offered condolences to Anne Hathaway, an actress who shares a name with the playwright’s wife.

Another stated that Monte and Capulets should attend the ceremony.

While some have suggested that “a man can die once” is a line from Shakespeare’s King Henry.

Former Rolls-Royce Labor Bill and Labor Member He received his blows in December, Becoming the only second person and the first man to be injected.

“He died of an indirect illness,” he said.


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