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NFL DFS picks week 2: Best sleepers, valuable players for DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy football lineups

Wow, what a wild opening week the NFL just closed the books on. We experienced some major disruptions, a number of offensive shootouts and lots of playoffs from rookies. We saw cheap, daily fantasy football sleeping cabins that served as diamonds in rough areas, and we endured more than a handful of expensive with expensive prices. It was a roller coaster ride in an opening weekend that perhaps preceded an insane (record-breaking?) Year of fantasy football and the NFL DFS, which is music to the ears of those looking for sleep and value picks for DraftKings and FanDuel competitions each week.

If you are a fan of DFS, or if you just like to find an edge or angle with all your football related bets, this column will be running all season. Every week, I crawl the player pools on the two biggest DFS sites and compile a list of values ​​to help you win some cold, hard cash. The more value players you add, the more money you have to spend on documented weekly studs at other positions.

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If you read this column last week, you would have benefited from our advice on connecting an abundance of cheap, high-value players to your DFS lineups. Here is a list of some of our hits from week 1, including each player’s cost and final fantasy output:

  • Sam Darnold (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 6,500): 21.06 fantasy points
  • Melvin Gordon III (DK: $ 5,300 | FD: $ 5,600): 20.8
  • Chase Edmonds (DK: $ 4,600 | FD: $ 5,900): 14.6
  • DeVonta Smith (DK: $ 4,500 | FD: $ 5,300): 19.1
  • Tee Higgins (DK: $ 4,700 | FD: $ 6,000): 15.8
  • Logan Thomas (DK: $ 4,600 | FD: $ 5,600): 12

Choosing one of these sub-radar and / or cost-effective players would have allowed you to connect other more high-profile names elsewhere. Getting the most for your money has always been the name of the game in classic DFS formats, so it’s important to do your due diligence before building lineups. Leave the deep diving to us — we are here for you from the first kickoff to the final game of the 2021 NFL season.

All player values ​​are from DraftKings and FanDuel. All stats are from NFL.com and Pro Football Reference.

WEEK 2 DFS LINEUPS: DraftKings | OptionAl | Yahoo

NFL DFS Picks Week 2: QB Thresholds, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Baker Mayfield, Browns vs. Texans (DK Price: $ 6,000 | FD: $ 7,100)

We had Mayfield here last week against the reigning AFC champion Chiefs and he almost steered the Browns to a victory on the way. To be fair, fullbacks Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt played more effective roles in Cleveland’s nearsight, but Mayfield overshadowed 320 yards and had only one INT. He should be able to secure a touchdown or two against the Texans, who felt like playoff contenders in their 37-21 Week 1 route over the rising Jaguars. Newsflash: Cleveland has a much better team than Jacksonville at pretty much every level. Plus, this one is at Dawg Pound. The Texans allowed teams an average of 29 points / game last season (sixth most in the NFL), and on country roads, they let QBs pass an average of two TDs (eighth most). I like that Baker sends two dozen points on Sunday.

Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars Vs. Broncos (DK: $ 6,000 | FD: $ 6,900)

Sometimes a regular season debut comes hard on rookie QBs. No one but Lawrence knows how much pressure Sunday’s No. 1 election in the 2021 draft in 2021 felt. At the end of the day, this is a 21-year-old kid — playing in a brand new offense — in an adult male league. That’s why I give Lawrence plenty of credit for his debut performance. He totaled 332 yards and three TDs. Do not care about the three picks or the 23 incomplete passes – 332 yards and three goals is a solid effort. Keep in mind that Jag’s head coach Urban Meyer is also adjusting to his first days in the NFL. I think Lawrence and Meyer will both be more prepared for the Broncos at home, and I expect far fewer mistakes out of the rookie against a shaky Denver second. This is not to say that he will not choose a choice, I’m just saying that he will be worth these prices on volume alone and not be so cheap for much longer.

Mac Jones, Patriots at Jets (DK: $ 5,400 | FD: $ 6,800)

Forget the position after a week of NFL play – Jones had to keep his head high in Week 2. Jones passed 281 yards and a touchdown against a strong Dolphins defense, enabling the Patriots to win at the end of regulation. Unfortunately, his running back Damien Harris put the ball on the grass on Miami’s nine-yard line with 3:31 left, and ‘Phins eventually won 17-16. The Jets should present an easier challenge, and with his debut game under his belt, I fully expect the Mac to lead New England to a road victory. Carolina’s Sam Darnold threw 279 yards and a score in his “Revenge Game” against the Jets last week, and I project Jones at over 300 yards and two goals on Sunday. He steals $ 5,400.

Quarterback | Ran back | Wide receiver | Close end | D / ST | Kicker

NFL DFS Picks Week 2: RB Swells, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Myles Gaskin, Dolphins Vs. Bills (DK: $ 5,900 | FD: $ 5,700)

I own a decent amount of Gaskin shares across my seven fantasy leagues as I think he has the potential to become a league winner at his modest average draft position. Similarly, I also think he can help you win a DFS contest or two for $ 5,900. Gaskin did not set the world on fire against the Patriots last week, but he saw the majority of Miami’s carries as well as the majority of Tua’s goals out of the backcourt. Buffalo often struggles to defend rumors with double threat, so I’m at Gaskin in Week 2.

Melvin Gordon III, Broncos at Jaguars (DK: $ 5,900 | FD: $ 5,900)

MG3 hit for us at $ 5,300 last week and he jumped only $ 600 despite a juicy match in week 2 with the Jags. Jacksonville allowed Houston – yes, Houston – to collect 160 rushing yards last week, including 85 yards and a score for Mark Ingram (who is like 40 years old) and 25 yards and a score for former Bronco Phillip Lindsay (who is like 5 -fod-4). Gordon still has plenty of upside-down early seasons and he should enjoy plenty of scoring opportunities both on the ground and through the air in this one.

Elijah Mitchell, 49ers at Eagles (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 5,800)

As Raheem Mostert is expected to miss up to eight weeks with severed cartilage (and a subsequent scope procedure), Mitchell was to be loved by week 2 waiver threads nationwide. He will also be a hot item in DFS at such affordable prices. The rookie out of Louisiana rushed 19 times on 104 yards and scored in San Francisco’s Week 1 victory over the Lions, which should secure him at least double-digit details in Philly over the weekend. Fuck rookie Trey Sermon, a healthy scratch last week, could still play into the Niners’ ever-diverse backfield equation, but I liked what I saw from Mitchell. And for $ 5,000 in a PPR, what do you dislike?

Quarterback | Ran back | Wide receiver | Close end | D / ST | Kicker

NFL DFS Picks Week 2: WR Thresholds, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Antonio Brown, Buccaneers vs. Falcons (DK: $ 6,000 | FD: $ 6,400)

Many fantasy owners avoid AB due to his personal behavioral issues and off-field issues over the last few years, but there are indisputable facts you cannot overlook if you simply try to construct the best possible DFS series. First, he’s still a massively talented NFL receiver, playing on a reigning Super Bowl champion offense. And his QB, arguably the best to ever play the game, seems to love him almost as much as he loves Rob Gronkowski. If Brown continues to receive a goal share of 25-30 percent and he stays healthy and out of trouble, he could be a league-winning fantasy asset for millions of redraft teams. If he stays at $ 6,000, with the way he blew the Cowboys’ secondary, he’s going to win you lots of DFS cash, too. The Falcons just made Philly BFFs Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith look like All-Pros, so sign up for Tom and the AB Show now before it’s too late.

Courtland Sutton, Broncos at Jaguars (DK: $ 5,200 | FD: $ 6,200)

Sutton’s teammate Jerry Jeudy, widely selected as a fantasy outburst in 2021, unfortunately suffered a high ankle sprain last weekend against the Giants. It was to keep Jeudy in streetwear for at least a month, prompting Sutton to immediately return to his Pro Bowl production level in 2019. That’s a high order as Sutton just finished restoring his ACL tear in September 2020. , and he experienced limited action last week in New York. But I bet on the kid who seems to be a favorite among both Denver QB Teddy Bridgewater and head coach Vic Fangio. I like that Sutton finds paydirt on Sunday, something he did 10 times during his first two seasons.

Christian Kirk, Cardinals vs. Vikings (DK: $ 5,000 | FD: $ 5,600)

Funnily enough, WR2s from almost all of the most powerful crimes tend to be drafted into any fantasy league and bought for $ 5,500 and up in DFS — just not Christian Kirk. Most recently, the 24-year-old fourth-year receiver received all five of his goals for 70 yards and two touchdowns in Tennessee. Of course, he will not continue to catch 100 percent of passes thrown on the road or receive such a high goal zone in the red zone, but with All-Pro DeAndre Hopkins, rookie speedster Rondale Moore and seven times Pro Bowler AJ Green around him Kirk should see plenty of opportunities to produce out of the slot machine this season. Last weekend, the Vikings were toasted by stud rookie Ja’Marr Chase (5-101-1) and to a lesser extent second-year wideout Tee Higgins (4-58-1). ‘Nuk and Kirk should have the same benefit at home this week.

NFL DFS picks week 2: TE sleepers, values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers vs. Falcons (DK: $ 4,700 | FD: $ 5,800)

Football fans everywhere experienced vintage Gronk in the NFL season opener last Thursday. The future Hall of Famer pulled in all eight of his goals on 90 yards and two TDs, which proved to be a massive factor in the Buccaneers’ 31-29 comeback victory over the Cowboys. If the veteran bridesmaid stays healthy, he should be able to maintain a huge role in the NFC’s biggest offensive. The Falcons were burned at home by Philly’s tight ends last week, handing a combined 6-76-1 to Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz. An under- $ 5,000 Gronk is a valuable Gronk, especially at home vs. Atlanta.

Noah Fant, Broncos at Jaguars (DK: $ 4,200 | FD: $ 5,700)

I think I’m going to the Broncos this week, but hey, the prices are right! Fant picked up six of his eight goals last week in New York and finished with 62 receiving yards on the day. With the aforementioned Jeudy out for a month or two, Fant essentially vaults the role of No. 2 pass-catcher in this offense. Jacksonville is struggling forever defending routinely tight ends, so fire up Fant, do some dancing, and come down tonight (shout out, KC & Sunshine Band!).

NFL DFS selects week 2: D / ST sleepers, values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Cleveland Browns vs. Texans (DK: $ 3,500 | FD: $ 4,200)

Knowledgeable fantasy owners in redraft leagues saved Cleveland in Week 1, despite the Browns’ Week 1 date with the Chiefs at Arrowhead. The reason: They had Houston at Dawg Pound on deck. Whatever happened to Jacksonville last week, the Texans should be one of the more generous teams for D / STs this year. The Browns have a longtime Defensive Player of the Year candidate in edge rusher Myles Garrett and plenty of depth in the secondary. Tyrod Taylor will not throw an additional 291 yards and two goals this week, nor will Mark Ingram total 85 yards. Play Browns at home with confidence.


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