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NFL stars showing off pumped legs at OTAs


Watch the game at Saquon Barkley.

Watch the game at Saquon Barkley.
image: AP

we are in Really The strange time of the annual football calendar where the only thing football fans can cling to for the hope and promise of returning to the screens of their beloved sports are photos and videos of athletes working out in gym shorts. But I am not judging. In particular, football fans seem to have a strange passion for running behind the back. So, for the sake of doing something totally non-weird and totally normal, I’m going to round off the offseason legs. Yes. I’m doing that, I guess.

The first offseason member of the quad squad to play back was the new Atlanta Falcons, Mike Davis, who lives in the NFC South after spending a year and a half with the Carolina Panthers. Davis positively checked out the older look. I’m pretty sure his quads have swallowed his knees.

Fellow grown man AJ Dillon was spotted at the Green Bay Packers camp, looking like an older man, running behind fellow Aaron Jones. For context, Jones, who looks like a high school junior varsity athlete standing next to Dylan, is 5-foot-9,209 pounds. He is not small. Dillon, on the other hand, stands at 6-foot, 247 pounds.

Former Cincinnati Bengal turned Tampa Bay Buccaneer Giovanni Bernard, who was not exactly known for his size, joined the party with this small number. I’m pretty sure he has quads in his quads. I’m not saying Bernard’s leg muscles are any different than the average human’s, but I’m also not saying he doesn’t.

Dillon took things a step further, clarifying that he believes he has the biggest and strongest quad in the NFL, and that one of his quads is named “Quadfather”, while the other is named “Quadzilla”.

However, we must not forget so quickly that there is only one Saquad Barkley.


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