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NHL schedule changes 2021: List of video games postponed, rescheduled mainly because of COVID-19

The NHL announced Dec. 20 which the 2021 regular season has been a go and would begin  January. 13.

The schedule, the 56-game condensed run to the Stanley Cup playoffs, had been devised with the expectation that a few games would have to become postponed because of  the COVID-19 pandemic. According to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun: “The key word this particular season is ‘nimble. ‘” The increase in cases in the United States and Canada was expected, unfortunately, in order to impact games.

On Jan. eight, that expectation  came to fruition right after the  Stars announced  six players plus two staff associates tested positive with regard to the coronavirus. The team turn off its training facility since a precaution, and because  the news came six days prior to the start associated with Dallas’ season, the first three  online games were  postponed.

Also on Jan. 8, the Blue Jackets introduced the same day  that will they “held a number of gamers out of” the team’s practice that will day “out  of  an abundance of caution and in accordance with NHL COVID-19 protocols. ”  The group did not yet  postpone  any video games.

Since Feb. 2, a total of 18 games have been postponed because of COVID-19 impacting a minumum of one club.  

NHL games impacted simply by COVID-19

Date associated with game ppd. Video game Reschedule day
Thu., January. 14 Stars at Panthers Wednesday., Feb. 22
Fri., Jan. fifteen Stars at Panthers Mon., Might 3
Sun., Jan. seventeen Stars at Lightning Tues., May four
Tues., Jan. 19 Stars at Lightning Wednesday., May ten
Tues., Jan. 19 Hurricanes at Predators* Tues., 03 2
Thurs., Jan. twenty one Panthers from Hurricanes Wed., Feb. seventeen
Sat., Jan. 23 Panthers at Hurricanes Sun., March seven
Tues., Jan. twenty six Lightning at Hurricanes Mon., February. 22
Thurs., Jan. 28 Blues in Golden Knights in battle Mon, Mar 22
Mon., Feb. 1 Golden Knights at Sharks Sun., Feb. 13
Tues., Feb. 2 Devils at Penguins Sun., March 21
Tues., Feb. 2 Sabres at Islanders Friday., Feb. twenty two
Wed., Feb. three or more Fantastic Knights at Sharks Thursday night., Feb. twenty five
Thurs., Feb. 4 Demons at Penguins Tues., Apr 20
Thursday night., Feb. 4 Sabres on Islanders Thurs., March four
Thurs., Feb. 4 Wild at Influx Wed., Feb. twenty-four
Sat., Feb. 6 Rangers at Demons Thurs., March 4
Sitting., Feb. six Sabres in Bruins Sat., March 27
Sat., Feb. 6 Coyotes at Wild Tues., March 16
Sat., Feb. 6 Avalanche at Doldrums Wed., April 14
Sunlight., Feb. 7 Avalanche from Blues  
Sun., Feb. seven Coyotes with Wild Wed., April 14
Mon., Feb. 8 Sabres at Bruins Tues., April thirteen
Tues., Feb. nine Blues at Outrageous Mon., Apr 12
Tues., Feb. nine Flyers in Capitals  
Tues., Feb. nine Coyotes with Avalanche Wed., March 31
Thurs., February. 11 Coyotes at Influx Wednesday., April 12
Thurs., Feb. 11 Capitals at Sabres Mon., Mar 15
Thursday night., Feb. eleven Blues at Wild Thurs., March twenty five
Thurs., February. 11 Devils at Flyers Sunlight., April twenty five
Sat., Feb. 13 Capitals at Sabres Fri., Apr 9
Sat., Feb. thirteen Wild with Kings Fri., April twenty three
Sat., February. 13 Devils at Flyers Friday., May ten
Sun., Feb. 14 Flyers at Rangers  
Mon., Feb. 15 Demons at Bruins Sun., Mar 7

*Hurricanes in Predators was the first NHL game to be postponed when needed of.

Due to Dallas’ games being delayed in January, the following games had been also impacted:

  • Panthers at Red Wings,   originally planned for Feb. 21, is now Sitting., Feb. 20.
  • Stars from Panthers, originally scheduled for Feb. 23, is now Wed., Feb. 24.
  • Sabres with Penguins, originally scheduled for March twenty-seven, has become Fri.,   March 26.
  • Bruins in Capitals, originally planned for April eleven, is currently Sat.   April 10.
  • Penguins on Sabres, originally scheduled for April twenty, is now Mon.,   April 19.
  • Panthers at Lightning, originally planned for May four, has become Tues., Mar 16

After Carolina’s games were delayed in January, the particular following games were also switched:

  • Azure Jackets  at Hurricanes, originally scheduled for Feb. 16, is definitely now Mon., Feb. 15.
  • Panthers at Super, originally scheduled just for Feb. 16, is now Mon., Feb. fifteen.
  • Hurricanes at Lightning,   originally scheduled meant for Feb. 22, has become Wed., Feb. 24

With the postponement of three Fantastic Knights games, the following games had been changed too:

  • Ducks at Sharks, originally scheduled for February. 13, has become Tues., April 6
  • Golden Knights at Ducks, originally scheduled for Feb. 26, is now  Fri., April twenty three.
  • Blues at Sharks, originally scheduled for Feb. 26, is currently Wednesday., March 8.

Right after the  Avalanche plus Wild were close down for the week, the NHL adjusted the routine and moved two games from March to February:

  • Coyotes at Blues, originally scheduled for Mar 29, is today Sat., Feb. six.
  • Coyotes at Blues, originally scheduled for Mar 31, is now  Mon., Feb. eight.

Along with a number of teams shut down, on Feb. nine, the NHL moved another game and now the Doldrums and Coyotes may play seven straight video games against each other.  

  • Blues at Coyotes, originally scheduled for April 15, is now Fri., February. 12

On February. 16, the NHL announced the shifted of 30  online games over the 2021 schedule (29 date modifications, the first is a period change).

Source: sportingnews. com

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