NHS Covid Pass app left travelers unable to display vaccination status

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NS NHS Covid Pass app has stopped working and potentially thousands of travelers vaccine situation.

The feature detailing the doses of vaccine a person receives is needed by those who want to go abroad as proof of vaccination.

Users reported seeing an error message on the NHS smartphone app on Wednesday afternoon saying that the high demand was to “limit access to the service”.

Responding to the question, NHS digital said in a statement: “There are currently issues with accessing the Covid Pass on the NHS App and website. We are investigating the issue and will update it as soon as possible.”

Vacationers complained about the outage on Twitter, and several people claimed they missed their flights because of the issue.

Henry Martin, who works in digital communications, tweeted that he couldn’t get on a plane home without a certificate. “This has been a complete nightmare. We’re stuck here in Greece because they wouldn’t let us board the plane without a pass,” he wrote.

Another traveler scheduled to fly to the Netherlands on Thursday said the application error risked jeopardizing her vacation. “This is embarrassing. We have complied with all the restrictions and requirements that have been asked of us and still may not be able to travel,” said Pam Whittingham.

However, NHS Digital said Independent reported that the issue was resolved at 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, three and a half hours after the error first occurred.

The Covid Pass is also required at some events in the UK, but most entertainment venues do not.

According to the NHS, the vaccination certificate is also available in a paper version, but takes up to five working days to arrive.

A PDF version of the certificate can also be downloaded from the NHS app. Those who took this step were unaffected by Wednesday’s outage.

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