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Nicki Minaj Addresses Problems With Twitter, Seet Does Not Use The Platform

Nicki Minaj continued to go crazy on the internet. On the night of the Met Gala, she released a series of tweets addressing the COVID-19 vaccination, and those tweets reached out to some news. The controversial tweets made Nicki call people left and right, and today she went live on Instagram to get some things out of the box. She revealed that she was reporting in Twitter prison after tweets about her cousin’s alleged reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine in Trinidad.

Even if the audience could not see their face live, they could definitely hear their voice. She started addressing Twitter, saying she never returned to the platform because it started to feel a little creepy. Nicki recalls, “I remember how I was when I was a little girl, and I would be brought to church. Sometimes people in the church tell us, ‘Be glad you can praise God for free, because “Some people in so many countries of the world do not praise God, whom they like to praise freely.”

As she further explained, she said that this experience motivated her to be in the church because some people do not get this luxury. As she continued to speak, she moved on to the topic of vaccination. Nicki mentions that people should be able to ask questions about everything that is put into their bodies. The “Queen” claims that we live in a time where people turn their backs on you for disagreeing with your thoughts and opinions, and people will isolate you if you simply speak up and ask a question.

Nicki apparently talked about the situation with the MSNBC commentator Joy-Ann-Reid. She called Nicki as she shared news about her cousin in Trinidad, who allegedly became impotent after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. “I see black women on Twitter, black women who I follow as if that’s weird,” Nicki said. Before she stopped living, she said she did not give any facts about the vaccination and reiterated that she was not traveling with her young child, Papa Bear. Nicki’s Twitter is still open at the moment.

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