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Nicki Minaj denies cocaine use after a recent IG Live fanfight


Nicki Minaj has been locked up for the past 24 hours and Barbs around the world is rejoicing at her return, with people talking about her off-camera activity on her recent Instagram live.

Late Thursday night, Nicki Minaj went live to share her big announcement. Her iconic mixtech, including Lil Wayne and Drake’s new single, “Beam Me Up Scott” is available on all streaming platforms.

Speaking of Drizzy, Yak Money fans also got their lives when Drew joined Nikki Live and showed some love to each other. Drake said some heartfelt words to her sisters that the game misses her and her rhymes.

He teased an upcoming reunion between them, and fans couldn’t help but hope that their reunion would mean a play date for the rappers’ baby boys.

Out of all the excitement and Nicky Mania, there were very few people who noticed that Nicky was constantly drying up during her livestream, which led some to speculate about her alleged drug use.

The buzz was enough for Nikki to come back to IG Live Friday and address Chai.

Nicky said very clearly that she was open about her drug use in the past and in her music, so she doesn’t need to lie. Nicky told her fans that she had never used cocaine in her life, despite what people meant.

The only mention of cocaine in his music was about “weight”. Check out what Nikki Minaj told her fans below:

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