Nicki Minaj Vaccine Dragged For ‘Wrong Information’: ‘You Can Do Better’

Nicki Minaj Vaccine Dragged For ‘Wrong Information’: ‘You Can Do Better’
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Rapper Nicki Minaj is trending on Twitter, and all for the wrong reasons. The controversy began when the Anaconda hitmaker tweeted that he was asked to be vaccinated to attend the Met Gala in New York.

On the other hand, Minaj did not attend the plush event, leading many to believe it was because she refused to get her pin. “They want you to get vaccinated for Met. Not for Met if I get vaccinated. It will be when I feel like I’ve done enough research. I’m working on that now. By the way, my loves, stay safe. Put on the 2-string respirator that covers your head and face. It’s not that loose,” he wrote on Twitter. in.

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Some have accused the 38-year-old of instilling anti-vaccination sentiments that have been on the rise recently. When you thought Nicki Minaj had said enough about the vaccine, she went on to say more.

Minaj then made a strange claim about the COVID-19 vaccine: that a cousin from her hometown of Trinidad refused to take it because a friend had the vaccine and became impotent as a result.

“His testicles are swollen. He’s weeks away from his friend getting married, now the girl has called off the wedding. So just pray and make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullying,” he tweeted.

Strangely for Minaj, this claim was recently refuted by the US. HCM. He said there is currently no evidence of any vaccine causing infertility problems in women or children.

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Unfortunately for Nicki Minaj, many people wouldn’t let her tweets on the vaccine slide, and MSNBC newscaster Joy Reid was quick to call out the star.

“For using your platform to encourage our community not to protect themselves and save their lives. God sister, you can do better than this.. As a fan, I’m so sorry you did this,” Reid said on the show.

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