Night of the Living Dead 2 First Look reunites Original Day of the Dead Cast

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It was reported back in June that George A. Romero’s shambling zombie horde returned to screens in a new unofficial sequel, Night of the Living Dead Part II, written and directed by Marcus Slabine and shot this year rather secretly. While unofficial sequels usually do not go out well, this one has something to do with it, as it unites three actors from Romero’s own. Night of The Living Dead Continuation Day of the Dead. So does that mean the movie is a sequel to the story, or do they all play new characters in the new movie? New first look images of the movie have been released by the main characters, and it sure looks like they are ready for a bloody mayhem.

Night of the Living Dead 2 Picture # 1

First of all, the actors in question are Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander and Jarlath Conroy, who are all in Day of the Dead and more notably played characters who survived that particular zombie attack, which could lead them to reprise the roles played in the 1985 horror. The three appeared in a very short teaser trailer, released in early September, which did not offer any details other than the official website address, which currently runs until this Friday.

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After the official blurb on the film, there Movie takes place on a remote island where some survivors of the apocalypse retreated with the hope of living their lives without being intimidated by the threat of the undead. However, it is not long before the waters begin to spew out a new host of brain-hungry creatures against which they must fight to survive. All in all, it sounds like a sequel to the story, and would make sense in that Romero’s trilogy of the night, Sunrise and day would inevitably lead to a second night if you reduce his other sequels to the many remakes, reboots and such.

Night of the Living Dead 2 Picture # 2

In an interview with Bloody disgusting, Director Slabine said: “Mat Night of the Living Dead II I wanted to tell an original and engaging story with these amazing actors who have not been together since 1985. They are awesome and I want to show that just because someone is over 60 does not mean that no one can become one. phenomenal performance. During one of Jarlath’s scenes, 2 crew members had to be seated as they cried and almost ruined the taka how good he was. It’s amazing to see the 3 together with all their chemistry not skip a beat because they were all together as well as their NEEtaKXwIzZPIL. We have a ton of surprises and some big name cast that we have not announced yet, but are very excited to have a part of this and they will surely be fans happy. The film is about the characters first and the story above all else, but it will still be extremely bad and have some great twists.

According to the report, Marcus Slabine will promote the film with the three Day of the Dead Occupying members at the Chiller Theater Convention in New Jersey this weekend, so it is possible that the website countdown will lead to a complete launch of the site prior to this event. There’s no word yet on when the movie will be available, or where, but everyone likes a good zombie movie, and if it’s done as well as Slabine seems to believe, then it could be another Romero-inspired treat connect. This news was originally reported by Bloody disgusting.

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