May 9, 2021


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Niners, the Patriots lead the best commercial destinations

Big news broke out about a potential deal with Aaron Rodgers hours before the NFL draft. Image from CBS Sports.

On 2021 NFL The draft, was the biggest news published about Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers’ trade turned from rumor to serious possibility.

According to Adam ShifterRodgers is extremely indignant at Green Bay Packers He told some within the organization that he did not want to return to the team.

Of course, this isn’t just an opportunity to illustrate your Jeopardy pun. This may be a periodic change trade. Dealing with Rodgers would eliminate the Packers as a competitor. Will become The first player in the American Football League Ever to be traded overseas after winning a prize.

Aaron Rodgers’ trade rumors Hovering for months. Since the formulation of the Jordan love story, the question has been when, not if, Rodgers leave the Packers. In the back of the MVP season though, he always seemed unlikely to leave before the 2021 campaign. That has changed. The shifter report turns everything upside down.

Rodgers’ potential business destinations are clear. Niners can work Deal about the third public check, He might send Jimmy Garoppolo The other way. San Francisco is ready to win now. Rodgers is the best player to win midfield right now, in his 30s, but he is still at the top of his form.

Any team that drafts a high-pitched QB draft can change their mind and swing with Rodgers. Building a deal around the top 10 picks and future draft assets appears to be the most likely pathway if Rodgers is trading in the next few days.

The Patriots and the Bears don’t fall into this category, but they are two teams with an uncertain quarterback future. The prospect of Bill Beelischik working with Rodgers would scare the NFL. The Green Bay Company would not be keen to trade with Chicago, but had an obvious interest in it Deshawn Watson Earlier this in the off-season indicates that they can swing fences in the Rodgers trade.

Given the dead money, given the apparent reluctance of the Packers to trade Rodgers, the most likely outcome remains a contract extension. If Rodgers were really available, at least half of the league would consider it. This includes airplanes, dolphins, broncos and giants. Do not forget Philadelphia Eagles, Too, that has flipped Carson Wentz Earlier this is off season.

Franchises have their plans heading into draft. Rodgers’ availability will force many front offices to tear up everything and go all-in for a future Hall of Famer.

If we had to anticipate, this is likely just part of the contract extension game. If Rodgers moves, the Niners and Patriots are the most likely destinations.