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Nintendo wants to know if you’d pay $50 for a new WarioWare game?


A series many Nintendo fans would love to see return during the Switch generation warioware.

Microgames would arguably be perfect with the system’s touch controls and Joy-Con controllers, so when is that going to happen? While unfortunately we don’t have anything to share about a new WarioWare (at least for now), YouTuber Beta64 tweeted his wife an official poll recently received from Nintendo.

And here it gets a bit more detailed – as you can see, Nintendo wants to know when the next WarioWare entry will cost $49.99 USD (or about £34 / €40 / $58 CAD / $64 AUD). How interested will the fans be? Options range from “Definitely buy” to “Definitely not buy”. This is the same price as recently reissued Mythopia on the switch.

Looks like this survey is similar but different for other Nintendo fans – adjusting the asking price and referencing other series like mind training. As not everyone will find an answer to the above survey, we have decided to recreate it here at Nintendo Life. So here you go:

At the very least, it looks like the WarioWare series is indeed making a comeback. For Nintendo, it’s just a question of how much it will cost. Could we maybe see a new entry announced at Nintendo’s E3 Direct broadcast this year?


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