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NL West trio in top five


Yermin Mercedes has topped the White Sox rankings. Photo from The Sporting News.

It’s been seven weeks since 2021 MLB season, which makes it an opportune time to check on the MLB power rankings for 2021.

for the most part, Best MLB Teams in 2021 has identified itself and started separating from the pack.

MLB Power Rankings May 2021

While these rankings are clearly up for debate and could easily change going forward, let’s take a look at the latest MLB Power Rankings.

5. Giants

Can San Francisco’s veteran hitters continue to produce the way they have? That is the biggest question facing the Giants, who may not have the horses to sustain it for 162 games.

But his pitching has been excellent, which should be more durable despite the fact that everyone is surprised by the pitcher doing the job. Although there is reason to be skeptical, the Giants are certainly among the five best teams in the majors right now.

4. Parents

The Padres recently debuted and are showing everyone how cool they can be. Even losing a few players to COVID didn’t slow his pace. they ain’t even getting that much manny machado or will myers But they are still moving.

The rotation is almost meeting lofty expectations while the San Diego Bullpen is clearly one of the best in baseball.

3. Dodgers

It’s hard to think of the Dodgers as the best team in baseball after their struggles during the second half of April and the early part of May.

Lately, Los Angeles has gotten out of its funk and started getting on track.

While they lag behind the Giants and Padres in the standings, the Dodgers still have more upside and potential than both teams. Keep in mind that they are missing some important pieces due to injury, but when cody bellinger Returning, the Dodgers will have a chance to reach second gear.

2. Astro

forget about american league standings And the fact that the Astros are still sitting behind Oakland.

The Astros are moving fast right now and they have such a deep lineup that it’s hard to imagine that many other teams will be able to match them. At this point, we have to assume that the Astros are no longer capable of cheating, so Houston’s aggressive production is legitimate. They also have five starters with an ERA of less than 4.00, so they are not relying only on out-slugging opponents in every game.

1. White Sox

Even with two of their best young sluggers on IL for a long period, the White Sox have not slowed down.

In fact, they keep getting better week by week and the big companies have the best run-differences.

also with Eloy Jimenez and louis robert With nothing offensive to the sideline and Chicago from the catcher position, the White Sox have a formidable lineup.

Meanwhile, the rotation has been excellent with Lucas Giolito as well and Dallas Keuchel Rather average. The team’s young arms have excelled and Liam Hendriks Keeping the White Sox a step ahead of every other team in baseball has been a reliable close.

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