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No Way Home will not kick off any shared Sony and Marvel universe


After years of speculation, Sony Pictures has provided some answers about the planned shared universe between their studio and Marvel. It turns out it’s really on the cards and Spider-Man: Not home by any means There will be movies that take things away.

As reported “Different“, Sony Executive, Sunford Punch has suggested it Spider-Man: No way home A shared Marvel Universe will be closed. Panich addresses the ongoing tensions and obstacles that prevent MSU Spider-Man from appearing in Sony’s Marvel picture, and he reveals that they have plans to restore it and fans are starting to get it. Although he did not go into too much detail, he indicated that tensions would subside and things would be clearer if Spider-Man: No Way Home was not published. Here is what he said:

“There’s actually a plan. I think it’s becoming a little clearer to where we’re going now, and I think when ‘No Way Home’ doesn’t come out, a lot more will come out. The great thing about us is that Great relationship with Kevin too [Feige]. There is an incredible sandbox here to play. We want these MCU movies to be absolutely huge, because it’s great for us and our Marvel characters and I think the same thing for them. But we have a great relationship. I think there are a lot of opportunities here. “

Over the years, Sony’s film rights to Marvel’s Spider-Man have been very humorous and controversial. Things took a more positive turn when Sony and Marvel collaborated to bring Spider-Man to MSU. The deal took Spider-Man home, with Tom Holland taking on the role of web-slinger for six films. Shared ownership raised the idea that MSU Holland could technically appear in Sony’s Marvel films Poison, Morbius, And recently announced Craven Hunter. When the Spider-Man concept appeared Poison For the trailer, the universe hasn’t really been addressed yet Morbius Michael Keaton, when portrayed by Adrian Tooms aka The Vulture, suggested the connection Spider-Man: Homecoming, Made an appearance in the first film. Sony obviously wants this to happen and they are taking small steps to point out where they are going.

Some powerful Marvel fans are highly skeptical about giving Sony back too much control of the character. Spider-Man has enriched MSU while fans can quickly express its moderate kind of reactions. Strange spider man And, significantly, its sequel. There are also Poison Which was torn apart by critics at the time of his murder at the worldwide box office. I think fans will want to see this shared universe but who will be more involved with creativity? Sony or wonder? My guess is time will only tell but it will be interesting to see how it ends.

What do you think of a Sony and wonderfully shared universe?

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