Non-profit organization provides Thanksgiving meals to Afghan refugees

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CLEVELAND (AP) – A non-profit organization has teamed up with three restaurants in the Cleveland area to ensure that local Afghan refugees can celebrate Thanksgiving with specially prepared halal food.

The U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants helped 60 different Afghan families receive more than 200 Thanksgiving meals. WEWS TV reported on Thursday.

The meals included a mix of traditional Afghan, Somali and Middle Eastern dishes, all of which were halal, meaning they were suitable for consumption by Muslims.

A welcome message and some information about Thanksgiving were also included.

The refugees are among tens of thousands of Afghans who have arrived across the United States to begin the resettlement process following the fall of Kabul.

“When I hear about new refugees coming, I feel their pain,” says Kifaya Mohammed, the owner of Kifaya’s Kitchen, a local eatery that provided many of the meals.

Mohammed is a Somali native who came to the United States in 2006 and has been helping to feed refugees for several years. She said she knows how stressful it is to come to a “new country with new food” and hopes that the Thanksgiving meals give a sense of comfort to the refugees.

“I have been there so I want to be able to help them right now and I have the chance to help them,” said Mohammed.


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