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North Yorkshire’s most disadvantaged communities will benefit from COVID recovery bids


The government has been urged to approve a spectrum of proposed projects designed to help North Yorkshire’s most disadvantaged communities bounce back from the pandemic and begin the transition from EU funding.

North Yorkshire County Council executives will next Tuesday consider submitting plans for 28 projects in a £8.4m bid for the Community Renewal Fund national programme, which will address barriers to access to people skills and local labor market opportunities. Will focus on eliminating.

While several neighboring areas of North Yorkshire, including County Durham, Darlington, Doncaster and Bradford, are classified as high priority areas for funding by the government, only the Scarborough and Richmondshire districts in the county were identified as high priority. is.

A government spokesman said it has prioritized places that suffer from weak economic performance and are less equipped to cope and recover from shocks.

Despite some £1.9m bids focused on Richmondshire and £3m on Scarborough, the council’s bid is likely to include £817,000 in proposed plans based at Craven, £818,000 in Hambleton, £432,000 in Harrogate, £981,000 is. Rydell and £469,000 in Selby.

The government is expected to announce which of the 28 schemes are successful before August.

While the county council has not disclosed the nature of any of the plans due to business sensitivity, it has said that the main objective of the program is to enable innovation through pilot programs and new approaches.

However, papers from next week’s Hambleton District Council cabinet meeting reveal that one of the plans, developed with local enterprise partnerships, is intended to help businesses adapt to changes in consumer habits resulting from the rise in online trading. especially in light of the COVID 19 pandemic.

A Hambleton Council report stated: “The project helps physical retailers become ‘omni-channel’ retailers and encourages them to build closer relationships with their customer base. Approach Encouraging customer engagement and help businesses develop a strong digital presence through online trading platforms and effective social media engagement. The proposal is that the pilot will be for Northlerton High Street, but the learning developed from the pilot will then be transferable and spread across the district and beyond. Will be able to be applied in many business sectors.”

Councilor Gareth Dade, Finance Executive Member of the County Council, dismissed suggestions that the Government’s decision to prioritize just two districts in North Yorkshire was disappointing, especially given that much of North Yorkshire, the tourism and hospitality sectors Due to its dependence on it was hit by the epidemic.

Welcoming the potential help for less affluent areas, Clerk Dad said: “Scarborough and parts of Richmondshire have the highest levels of deprivation. Businesses like bed and breakfasts have been better supported by the government through the pandemic, Which no one would have expected.Many proposals will arrive from their base area and things which are likely to be approved have been submitted.

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