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Norway leads European EV adoption, UK third, claims survey


New research from Select Car Leasing shows that Norway is a leader in EV adoption, although the UK takes a respectable third place.

Norway is the European country with the most benefits to its residents, scoring 87/100, based on Select Car Leasing’s scoring system. Norway ranks highest in 4 different factors, including the highest number of EVs per 100,000 inhabitants and the market share of EVs on the road.

However, although the UK government has recently reduced EV Purchase Grant IncentivesTo the dismay of the Brits, the country is still in third place with a score of 75/100.

Estonia provides £13,000 more for purchase grants than UK

One of the biggest factors that attracts people from investing in EVs is their price, especially as compared to similar petrol-fueled models. Despite this, the UK recently reduced its EV purchase grant to £2,500, streamlining the offering of models costing up to £35,000.

Estonia offers the biggest grant to its residents, up to £15,500 for Grab if citizens switch to electric vehicles. In second place, Germany provides half of Estonia’s impressive EV grant. The UK did not make the top 10 with a modest grant of £2,500, making it 14. keptth Instead.

Highest number of EVs per 100,000 people

Scandinavian countries perform best, perhaps with higher median annual salaries which means citizens have more monetary freedom to choose an EV.

Norway claims the number 1 spot for having the most EVs – with 8,520 vehicles for every 100,000 residents. United Kingdom, in comparison, is ranked 10th Out of 33. For every 158 people living in the UK, there is 1 electric vehicle. Although 10. ranking inth Location, it ranks best compared to other large populations of more than 20 m. In comparison, Germany 31. comes onscheduled tribe Out of 33 countries, with only 30 EVs per 100,000 people.

EVs are the cheapest in Switzerland

With affordability as one of the most off-putting factors for EV purchases, Car Leasing explores the average annual salary in each country and calculates how much it will cost compared to a Renault Zoe.

Their research found that the Renault Zoe will cost the citizens of Switzerland just 29% of their annual salary, thus making the country a leading contender for EV affordability. As a result, Switzerland has one of the best EV adoption rates on the continent.

However, the UK was once again ineffective 14. is sitting onth It costs 84 percent of an average person’s salary with a Renault Zoi, making electric vehicles less affordable.

It is clear that research shows that Scandinavian countries are taking the lead when compared to other countries on the continent. This may be due to the higher annual salary, which means residents have the monetary freedom to consider going power.

For more information go here https://www.selectcarleasing.co.uk/ev-government-incentives

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