NRL news 2021: Penrith Panthers star Tyrone May shuts down Instagram after controversial post

Tyrone May faced a wave of backlash after posting a cryptic message on her Instagram account, and the Panthers star took a drastic step.

Controversial NRL star Tyrone May has taken down his Instagram account after backing off for his questionable off-court behavior since the NRL Grand Final.

Last week, Instagram can delete post He uploaded it to his social media platform after Penrith beat South Sydney at Suncorp Stadium in the season finale.

Many people interpreted the post as a reference to itself sex tape scandal and the title contained the lyrics of the song fair Trade By Canadian rapper Drake.

“And the scum they put in my name turned into dirt/and I grew up/it’s time you figured out what to do about it,” he wrote.

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May was heavily criticized for her Instagram The Panthers cast a party in Queensland as they celebrate their premiere victory.

But as reported by daily telegram On Thursday in May, he seems to have completely closed his social media accounts after the warm reactions.

In November 2019, May was convicted four times of deliberately recording a private image without her consent. In January 2020, the magistrate denounced his “shameful” behavior as he was given three years of good behavior bond and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service.

“This behavior is not only morally reprehensible but also criminal,” Judge Robyn Denes told Parramatta County Court at the time of sentencing.

“Ultimately, this is a crime that takes consensual sexual acts to another level. It shatters confidence.”

Last week, May was filmed using an offensive slurry during a live Q&A on a teammate’s Instagram.

On Monday, daily telegram reported Can be tested by the NRL Integrity Unit It’s about three men from Western Sydney whom police claim to have illegally entered Queensland to watch the NRL Grand Final in Brisbane.

Last week, Penrith club legend Greg Alexander said the Panthers’ Grand Final celebrations were “getting a little out of hand” and playgroup members needed to “pull their heads in”.

“There have been a few social media events that have not affected me,” Alexander told SEN Radio.

“I think a few of our players need to clear their heads after what they’ve posted on social media.

“It’s getting a little out of control. I don’t follow social media.

“I had people tell me what was posted, and some shouldn’t have.

“It was a little out of line.”

Originally published Panthers star Tyrone May shuts down her Insta account after controversial post


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