May 9, 2021


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Number 10 refuses to deny that Boris Johnson asked donors to pay for daycare expenses

Downing Street has refused to deny claims that Boris Johnson he turned to conservative donors to help them pay for the costs of caring for their son’s children.

The prime minister’s official spokesman would only say Johnson “covered the cost” of daycare for Wilfred, his son with fiancée Carrie Symonds.

But they would not say if the prime minister had turned to conservative donors to help them with the costs or if the donors had given him money to then cover them.

On Monday, Johnson declined to deny the allegations while visiting Hartlepool, insisting that “all these kinds of things are, in my view, solely in the interest of the Westminster bubble.”

But it comes with Conservatives embroiled in what Labor calls accusations of “mockery” and amid concerns about potential donor undue influence on Johnson.

Last week, the Electoral Commission announced an investigation into who paid for Johnson and Symonds’ Downing Street apartment renovation, amid claims that Conservative donors were asked to help with the bill, which reports , reached tens of thousands of pounds.

There are also several investigations in the government and parliament into lobbying and donations.

Asked on Monday to deny approaching Conservative donors to pay for Johnson’s daycare, the prime minister’s spokesman said: “The prime minister has covered all the costs of the whole daycare and I have nothing more to add to that.” .

Asked if Johnson was paying out of pocket or if he was given donor money to cover the cost of daycare, the spokesman said, “I have nothing more to add. The prime minister has covered all the costs. “

Insisting on whether the prime minister addressed donors to pay for the care of the children, but that the proposal did not end up going ahead, the spokesman replied: “What I am saying is that the prime minister has covered all the costs of the take care of the kids, I won’t add to that anymore. “

The government has no imminent plans to increase the supply of childcare for the general public, the spokesman suggested.

“Government policies on childcare for parents are well established and, in fact, well adopted,” they said.