May 7, 2021


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Nuns are opposed to comments about baptisms in Bessboro

Every child is born Besboro The mother and baby home in Bush was baptized in the proper manner Catholic Church, In accordance with the order administered by the house

R. Mary Mangan The Council of Sisters of the Holy Heart of Jesus and Mary rejected the recent proposal Bor Plalanella Hearing in the proposed apartment complex in Bessboro that some children born at home may be unbaptized

In the process of representing the closing address Bush Association of Survivors and Supporters, David Dodd’s lawyer explains why he believes no children were buried in the monastery in Bisborough.

Mr Dod, citing the Commission of Inquiry into Mothers and Children’s Homes, said 859 unaccounted for children could not be buried in monasteries.

“The commission thought that all the children who died in Bischofswerda would be buried in the monastery,” said Mr. Dod.

The commission was also skeptical of such an article because it believed that “children would be buried in the same cemetery as members of the congregation.”

According to Mr. Dod, the joint funeral was not held in any of the mothers’ and children’s homes Ireland The attitude at the time and how women who gave birth out of wedlock were considered by the Catholic Church.