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NXT Recap and Reactions: The Final Stage in Your Home


NXT returns from the Capital Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida last night (June 8). You can find the result on live blog hIagain.

A deadly five-way face off!

Before we leave this house and knock on some new doors in the takeover, there’s work left to settle inside the CWC. The five men fighting for the NXT Championship on Sunday were set to be “face off” on Tuesday, though how it could have been less chaotic than last week was anyone’s guess. Scarlett’s warning certainly sounded ominous.

Despite his cards, it was Adam Cole who dealt the better hand. He let all the other challengers down in the ring to make his case to Carrion Cross’s face, then appeared on Titantron to say that he was too smart to play the game – especially since he Last week Cross had already defeated (verbally) . O’Reilly said that since Cole’s too much of a bitch to be in this ring, someone else has to show who they are. Cross: “And who are you really?” I’ll answer that question with one more question for all of you: What did the five fingers say to the face? “Slap.”

Everyone brawled as safety tried and failed to calm things down, but when Cross got the better of his foes, Cole was trapped to superkick Cross and hit a flying knee from behind. In a really cool teaser for Takeover on Sunday, she posed with the belt on as soon as the show went off the air!

Austin Theory and Oni Lorcan Set the Score

Last week, we had to find a new #1 contender for the NXT Title triple threat match Which opened last week’s show. Instead we got an Adam Cole run-in, which left us no winners and set the tone for a night of non-stop chaos. This involved a fight that turned into an argument when The Austin Theory claimed that “Papa” Johnny Gargano would have won the match if not for Cole, while Oni Lorcan said the same on behalf of “bruiserweight” Pete Dunne. In Pro Wrestling the only way to resolve these kinds of arguments is in the ring, but both sides were already on campus before the show!

It was a physical affair with the opening bell. Uppercut, chop, slam, and a leg sweep on the apron caused Theory to take a flat back bump on the “toughest part of the ring”. He later retaliated after a commercial break by hitting Lorcan twice in a plexiglass barricade. By this point both Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano had come down to watch ringside, and when their security men hit the double clothesline for a double down, Gargano and Dunne started a brawl and had to be taken out. Security !!

This distraction worked in Lorcan’s favor, as he regained his composure and lost Theory by hitting his face in the first ring post. The match was over after a while, giving us a very solid start to this week’s show.

Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai

Fed up with the interference of Dakota Kai, the lack of Raquel Gonzalez for Women’s Champion, Ember Moon vows to take matters into her own hands. with a two-stage plan – Defeat Kai LIVE on NXT, then march straight for a title shot at Takeover. Of course her ability to progress to Part Two of the Master Plan was entirely dependent on her performance on Tuesday night. how did he do it? Not well because they went to commercial.

Moon found his guilt right after we came back from the break. When Kai exited the ring to recover right beside his bestie, Ember Moon followed and Raquel Gonzalez took it upon himself to throw a big boot… and Miss. Moon hits her with a punch and wipes out both women with a suicide dive. He throws Kai into the ring to kill Eclipse but Gonzalez hits him with the boot in front of the referee for disqualification. Instead of making Moon look weak as a challenger, beating him a two-on-one before Sunday, Moon bettered Gonzalez by blocking an arm slam and hitting Gonzalez with an eclipse! This is how you prepare a contender in the right way.

Killian Dan gets “Sword”

After the dispute over the parking lot last week’s show That seemingly went nowhere, we finally got the payoff of the war of words between Hit Row and the team of Killian Dane and Drake Maverick. You might have expected this to lead to a tag match between the opposing forces (I’m sure Top Dole and Eshante “Thi” Adonis would be a good team) but instead we got a single on the last show before takeover Match found.

Before the match went on, however, we had Legado del Fantasma coming into the ring so Santos Escobar could tell his team about the loss last week thanks to the intervention of Bronson Reid. Reed responded and made fun of Escobar by playing a video of him repeatedly squeezing the Plexiglas. An enraged Escobar dares Reid to come into the ring and do it again – he said yes. MSK ran out to get his back, Legado took a powder, so Escobar’s next strategy was to challenge all of the takeover titles in a match on Sunday – winner Take All. He accepted, and The Row finally came out for Sverve’s match with Dan, but not before they stared at both groups as they made their way into (and inside) the ring.

Hit Row continuously intervened to gain the lead over Dan, but he remained in power and continued to take control of the match, no matter what he did. As he was about to climb the ropes for a potential finisher, Rowe attempted another distraction and Drake Maverick finally saw enough. He is destroyed by “Top Doll” AJ Francis for his trouble, and Swarve kicks Dan in the head for the pin. This is one of those cases where I don’t care much for the match, thanks to the constant dodge, but I love it in terms of setting up the hit row as full and full dicks, so I’m going through this segment. I’ll give a thumbs up. He also emphasized this by stepping on Maverick’s body after Sverv’s victory.

A “Precious” Announcement

Ahead of the feud between Ted DiBiase’s henchman L.A. Knight and Cameron Grimes, “The Million Dollar Man” promised a priceless announcement for this week’s edition of NXT. What did crooked DiBiase have up his sleeve?

If you were hoping that Mr. DiBiase would announce that his Million Dollar Title would be between Grimes and Knight on Sunday, you would be absolutely right. To bet though both figuratively and literally they announced that they would fight for it in a ladder match!

Poppy returns to NXT

Candice LeRay’s least favorite singer is back with a vengeance. poppy This year with theme music has already made an impact on the NXT brand, but before Tuesday night no one knew what he had next – or if one half of the tag team champions were going to renew their rivalry with the famous singer. can oppose.

To make a long story short, Poppy “push a button” on his phone as William Regal and Triple H immediately released his new album on Spotify and Apple Music.

Although she was not done. Candice LeRay walked into the ring to complain about Poppy’s presence, accusing her of ruining Indy Hartwell’s life by first hugging Dexter Loomis.

LeRae demands gratification for sinking the ship in what it calls in-dex sea. Poppy came out with the mic and said, “I don’t wrestle, but I know someone who does.” Io Shirai is back! She hit a double leg takedown, 6-1-9 and a top rope missile dropkick, and Lira took the powder from the beating as Poppy and Shirai celebrated in the ring. It’s a fun way to use a celebrity cameo in a wrestling show and a cool way to boot—a perfect excuse to reintroduce him after Shirai’s recent absence. I wholeheartedly support this segment!

What else do you need to know?

The show featured two unannounced squash matches. Xia Li attempted to take out Mercedes Martinez before their match, but Martinez fired and threw Lee over a barricade and told the referee to ring the damn bell. His poor opponent isn’t even introduced to Pin before the air raid crashes. I think this tweet sums up my sentiments well.

We also got a Grizzled Young Veterans tag team match with this week’s 205 live representatives in August Gray and Iceman Zero. It was little more than an excuse for Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher to watch from ringside, throwing chairs into the ring after the match, and pushing GYV into a fight. Before the end of the night it was made official that the two sides would have a whirlwind rules fight on NXT next week!

Ever-Rise also announced that they will be doing a “pre” pre-show on Sunday. I will not be tuned.

grade A

Like a dozen eggs straight from the grocery store, the show was all grade A’s from beginning to end. Had it not been wasting our time for Ever-Rise, I would have given it a perfect A+. There was sense in every segment, every match had a perfect ending, everything was built perfectly at our takeover event on Sunday. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting things back on track this week. Carrion Cross told William Regal that he wasn’t running NXT and that it was completely out of control, but ironically that would have been more true last week instead. The show went on like a well oiled machine for two hours continuously.

Get up from the seats on the side of your cage and sound down. see you Sunday!

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