NYC and NJ Hail as Tornado Warning Issues for Parts of LI

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A fast-moving rainstorm swept through the area on Saturday afternoon, and marble-sized hail fell in parts of New York and New Jersey as it lit up social media.

A storm warning from the National Weather Service for New York and New Jersey and a “Special Weather Notice” from the Office of Emergency Management issued Saturday warned of the dire combination of storms, high winds and hail heading towards the Tri-state area. Mayor Bill de Blasio also warned New Yorkers of wind speeds of up to 40 mph between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

A dark cloud hovered over New York at 2 o’clock. Then came the hail, which inspired a series of social media posts showing marble-sized ice rocks falling in New York City. There are no reports about

On Twitter, a social media post by Gaelic Steel noted that several seconds of uninterrupted hail fell from the New York City street, with some of it flowing into the sewers.

The amount of hail falling in Rockaway, New Jersey felt like thousands of pieces of glass falling to the ground.

Another user noticed that a friend had opened the window and was deliberately slapped by the pea-sized hail.

If you want to see how this storm swept through Washington Heights, watch this video:

Meanwhile, Adam Crane caught the hail event from a tall building and caught the crackling of hail.

The hail did not last long, but the weather did not allow. Shortly after the hail fell, the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning for parts of Long Island.