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NZXT and Ubisoft have launched the H510 Valhalla case


Bit-Tech reported on two previous custom NZXT gaming themed chassis; ang The design of the World of Warcraft theme from 2019, and a Rainbow Six Siege themed design a year ago Sometimes the third time is a charm and the latest collaboration with Ubisoft may be the most glamorous yet, with Viking rune motifs and lights.

In a press release NZXT said that was new Limited Edition CRFT 08 H510 Valhalla, to give it its full title, is “a case worthy of a Viking conqueror.” However, I think the lack of PC components is worse in dark times, so that’s a pointless bragging.

The key design elements of the H510 Valhalla can be summarized as follows:

  • General: paint textures with scars on the contrary.
  • Front: Valhalla variety of Assassin’s Creed logo with LED light.
  • Tempered glass window: there is written ‘symbol of the gods’ on the glass.
  • The Eivor Shield Puck, with removable arrow, includes the Broach Charm: handy for hanging your headset, for example.
  • Cable bar: A runic poem is engraved on the bar, translated as follows: “A cow dies, friends die, and so do you; but I know that something will not die and that is the work of a dead man” .
  • PSU wrap: additional design based on AC logo and Viking jewelry.

In addition to the above you get all the great features of a standard NZXT H510, such as:

  • Modern designs and easy -to -use builder features
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector on the front panel
  • Premium all-steel construction with a sleek H Series aesthetic
  • Tempered glass side panels to reflect your construction
  • Wire management is made easy with an intuitive, pending cable management system
  • Simplified water cooling installation with a removable bracket for either all CPU coolers or custom loop adjustments

NZXT says the new H510 Valhalla case is available now, but please note that this is a limited operation and availability is market dependent. You can order it directly from NZXT at a cost of $ 249.99 With us. View your common shares.

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